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Briana Martinez is a powerhouse agent with a pedigree of performance as a top sales professional. Her background encompasses experience across multiple industries, earning her a reputation for exceptional and knowledgeable service. Briana partners with her clients, uncovering new business opportunities, cultivating relationships and closing contracts.

Briana specializes in highly sought after 1-3 bedrooms, luxury high rise units across Midtown, Downtown, Uptown and Brooklyn. Briana earned her degree from the State University of New York at Buffalo and knows how to navigate the real estate market for first time investors in NY. Her ability to listen and execute solutions that reflects her client's top-choices, through persistent and tireless devotion, explains her loyal following and high referral rate.

Briana's approach to real estate uniquely incorporates her sensitivity to client's urgency and needs and sets her apart. Her unwavering commitment to excellence and integrity is felt, she passionately advocates for her clients, using strong problem-solving skills to remove hurdles, negotiate change and close deals.

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