A New Neighborhood in New York - Neighborhood of the Future

March 19, 2019 | By SPIRE Group
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Hudson Yards is a huge development project, perhaps the largest in the entire U.S. history. Situated somewhat north of Chelsea and due west of Midtown, Hudson Yards is built on platforms that are over current railways, truly a marvel of engineering! This new neighborhood in New York is perhaps best described as a small city, with its 16 skyscrapers and an area that spans over a few million square feet. The full project is planned to contain thousands of offices, luxury apartments, and retail spaces combined. There are already some shops and restaurants open, however, and are ready for business.




A New Neighborhood in New York - Neighborhood of the Future

Hudson Yards is truly designed as a neighborhood of the future. With more than $20 billion in development, it opens up in an area that was previously considered uninhabitable. If you are looking for different housing options in New York City, Hudson Yards will have plenty to offer! In the words of Stephen Ross, the chairman of Related Companies, who spearheaded this project, this is a "city within a city". There are many very interesting projects going on in Hudson Yards and we are going to provide you with a first look of what you can expect in there:

  • New Offices

  • Residential Space

  • Embracing Technology

  • "The Shed"

  • Observation Deck

  • "Vessel"

  • Fine Dining

  • Public Square and Gardens

  • Soil and Underground

New Offices

This new neighborhood in New York features more than 10 million square feet of office space. It is spread across high rises and it includes New York's second tallest office building, the already famous 30 Hudson Yards. Many companies have already shown their interest in Hudson Yards, such as KKR, HBO, VaynerMedia, L'Oreal, Sidewalk Labs and more. Hudson Yards is shaping up to be extremely prominent in the world of business, already. If you wish to join these companies, all you need to do is contact your real estate agent and they will fill you in on everything you might need to know.

New neighborhood in New York, Hudson Yards office space

"If you are in the process of deciding where to relocate your office, Hudson Yards might just be the place!"


Residential Space

When all the work is complete, Hudson Yards will feature around four thousand rental apartments and condominiums. There is a hefty price tag for residences, which starts at around two million dollars. However, this will not be an area exclusively for rich people, as around 20% of apartments are reserved for housing that is much more affordable. For example, if you would like to rent a studio in this new neighborhood in New York, you can get it for as low as $858. If you are in the process of estimating the cost of your move to NY and want to move to Hudson Yards, the best thing to do would be to look into some of these affordable housing options.

Embracing Technology

Hudson Yards incorporates a system of street cameras and cell phone data to react to traffic patterns, as well as power demands, air quality, and temperature. There is even a stand-alone app that is unique to Hudson yards, which allows you to book amenities and pay your bills. Public Wi-Fi is omnipresent, and visitors can opt-in to receive various notifications about the area, such as experiences and events.

City in a mobile phone

"Embracing technology is one of the focal points of Hudson Yards."


"The Shed"

This magnificent building will be home to a nonprofit arts group, which is dedicated to the presentation and performance of arts. This building creates a theater by sliding its outer shell over the connected plaza. Designed by Diller Scofidio and Renfro and Rockwell Group, this marvel of architecture opens up in the spring. If you are interested in buildings like these, there are many similar ones in various neighborhoods in NY.

Observation Deck

Another interesting place to visit, the 100th floor of 30 Hudson Yards is built to serve as an observation deck and possesses the highest viewing area in the entire western hemisphere, which is also the fifth highest in the entire world! Definitely not for acrophobes, as it is open-air, this deck gives an unparalleled view of the Hudson River and its skyline. There is also a restaurant up there that serves food at an elevation of over a thousand feet.


Perhaps one of the most interesting buildings in this new neighborhood in New York, the Vessel is a marvelous combination of art, engineering, and usefulness. Designed by Thomas Heatherwick, this building looks more like a sculpture than anything else. Definitely one of the focal points of Hudson Yards, it is designed to be a "playground for everybody". Indeed, with its series of stairs and platforms and numerous ways to the top, it is sure to present hours and hours of entertainment for residents and visitors alike.

Fine Dining

As in every good neighborhood, there will be a multitude of dining options available. Some of the most prominent ones include restaurants by David Chang and Thomas Keller. There will even be a Mercado Little Spain, overseen by Adrià brothers and José Andrés. If you wish to open up your own restaurant, you will most likely need to consider renting out space for yourself.

Dining table in a restaurant

"Hudson Yards will feature many fine dining restaurants."


Public Square and Gardens

"Opportunity for the car to take a back seat" is the mantra of lead architect Thomas Woltz, the man in charge of this five-acre park. It features more than 200 trees and 28 thousand plants that were growing for four years, offsite, before making their way to this park. Truly a nirvana in the middle of the West Side, it combines a contemporary lifestyle with beauty and horticulture.

Soil and Underground

In order to keep the soil bed hospitable, even though it is located above a rail yard, there are numerous fans and cooling liquids in place. The developer introduced sand and concrete into the soil, in order to "train" the roots of the plants to grow shallow and wide. This enables the plants to reach maturity easier. There is also a system in place that collects rainwater for irrigation purposes. Underneath of all of this is, of course, the rail yard. It contains 30 train tracks and three tunnels, with one more yet to come. The gateway tunnel, which is under construction, will connect New Jersey to Manhattan.

Hudson Yards is slowly shaping up to stand as perhaps the best new neighborhood in New York. With its many sights and amenities, as well as the embrace of technology, it is definitely a place many will wish to live in. While the project is not complete as of yet, it is slowly nearing its completion and is scheduled to be open to the public in 2019.