Benefits of a Minimalist Apartment Design

May 20, 2019 | By Lisa Roberts
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After many months of searching (in some cases even years) you managed to buy or rent your dream apartment. Congratulations! Searching for a perfect apartment can be stressful in many ways. There may not be words to describe, how great it feels when you seal the deal. Just that moment of knowing that you found what you were looking for brings you so much joy. However, you are still not done. What about the interior? Choosing furniture pieces, looking at electronics, comparing different colors and designs, etc. can be just as stressful. In some cases, people are even more stressed when decorating their living place than while looking for it. Since we want to help you, we will give you some advice on minimalist apartment design.


Don't get confused or worried. When we say we want to tell you more about minimalist apartment design, we are not referring to spaces where there is nothing but a chair in the middle of the room. On the contrary, we are thinking about comfortable and beautiful spaces. In other words, spaces that have everything you need. In addition, they will not contain any clutter or unwanted knickknacks that would just get in your way. The goal is to create a positive living space.


"If you don't like to dust and clean, this is the perfect choice for you"


If you can afford a cleaning person, this might not be a great reason for you. Since many of us do our own cleaning, this is a great reason to consider a minimalist apartment design. In short, the less stuff you have around you, the less you will have to move around and clean. Also, there are fewer things to gather germs and dust. For example, when you vacuum, do you look forward to moving around those two extra chairs that you have in your living room? Of course not! So, there is no point in having them. Keep it light and spacy. Buy only things that you absolutely need. To explain, buy things that you will be using. You do not need extra unusable dust collectors.


"This is a perfect example of a beautiful office with no clutter and unnecessary stuff. Alt text: Light office space with a huge window."




Unwanted clutter will only cause you stress...

Imagine coming home from work. You enter your home and what do you see? There is stuff and junk all over the place. You will feel mad and uneasy. Unless you are one of those people who are not fazed by messy living space. The majority of us are the opposite. Therefore, you will hate being surrounded by stacks of dirty laundry, unfolded clothes, magazines and all the other unnecessary junk. On the contrary, a neat and clutter-free room will give you a totally different vibe. Consequently, you will be liberated, less stressed and at peace. This is one of the ways to relieve stress. 

This is especially true if your job is stressful. Similarly, living in a busy, big city can leave you with an uneasy feeling. For example, the streets of New York City can be very stressful, because of the traffic, too many people and the noise. Therefore, if you are moving to New York, please consider all the benefits of a minimalist apartment design. If you have an overcrowded apartment, put some of your extra stuff in storage. You can take a look at In addition to storage services, they have moving services.  This can make your life so much easier. Two birds, one stone.


"Living in a big city like New York can be stressful. However, a clean and beautiful home can release you from stress and provide you good vibes and positive energy. Alt text: New York City view."




Minimalist apartment design will give you more options

There are two main reasons why a minimalist apartment design will give you more liberty with future changes in your living space:

  • You can make changes more often – if you do not have a lot of furniture and other things, it is much easier to make changes. When you have only a few pieces in a room, a new piece will drastically refresh the room’s look and vibe. Also, the fewer pieces you have, the fewer pieces you need to replace them with to make up a brand-new room.

  • It will cost you less money – think about it. It is truly simple. The less you have to buy, the less it will cost you. I am sure there are things you would buy rather than those extra baking pans that may or may not be needed. Unless you are an amazing baker, spend that money on a hot stone massage. It will be more useful for you.

A little piece of advice. When shopping for furniture take lots of pictures of the pieces that you like. Also, once you are in your home take pictures. Nowadays, this is so easy. Just use your smartphone to do it. With a few clicks on your phone, capture the essence of your favorite room. Later on, you can take a look and just let it sink in. Listen to your gut. It will tell you how you really feel.



Don't mind only the clutter. Think about the colors!

Minimalistic spaces are focused on natural light and light tones and colors. If you look at an apartment whose design is based on minimalist apartment design, you will notice that there are not that many bold colors. If you notice any bold and bright color pieces, those are statement pieces. Those pieces are used to make a contrast. Usually, there would be one or maybe two such pieces in the whole living space. More pieces would kill the vibe.


"This room is a perfect example of a minimalist living room. Alt text: Minimalist living room with lots of natural light and brick walls."


Less is more in your wallet

Lastly, interior decorating based on a minimalist apartment design concept is not that expensive. The only thing that can kill your budget is if you decide to buy pieces that are overly expensive. This can be very useful, especially if you are moving to a city like New York. Everything will be pricy enough. Your apartment’s interior doesn't have to be.

So, we went over some benefits of a minimalist apartment design. There are many good reasons that might persuade you to take this approach. However, do not forget one crucial thing - we are all different and we all enjoy and love different things. For this reason, chose whatever makes you happy and gives you peace. You should always feel like a king or queen in your castle.


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