Live Better | Guide on making your living space more positive

February 12, 2019 | By Lisa Roberts
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Live Better - Guide on making your living space more positive

How do you feel when you walk into your home? Calm or overwhelmed by all the things you need to do? In today’s hectic world, we are constantly bombarded by too much information. But once we enter our home, the noise of the outside world should shut down. Your home should be your safe zone, temple of calmness and inspiration. It should be your sanctuary, which will help you live better, relax and charge your batteries for new challenges. And when you improve your home, you improve much more than that, you improve your life. So, let’s see some ideas on making your living space more positive and your life will follow.

If you don’t like your place-move

If you are not satisfied with your current home, moving is a good option for changing the energy of your living space and starting a new chapter of your life. If you need assistance for your Manhattan relocation and finding a place that suits your needs, the best solution is to find professional help. Nowadays, with the moving and real estate industry being developed as it is, one short appointment can bring you straight to your dream home. There is no need for wasting your time when you can ask experts for help.

Small details can change your home energy.

The power of details

You should never underestimate the power of details! Sure, if the place doesn’t suits you essentially, change it. But before you do that, make sure you do your best to improve it with small changes. It doesn’t even have to follow all the NYC real estate trends, it just needs to be truly yours. And the ways for making your living space more positive are numerous and they don’t even require a lot of money, just a little imagination. 

Conquer the clutter

Clutter produces physical and unconscious chaos in our home and consequently in our head. A wise man once said that in order to clean your mind, you should clean your room first. The appearance and energy of our personal space affects our thinking more than we can imagine. Interestingly, if you maintain a cluttered home, you are sending the message to yourself that you have no room in your life for anything new. To underline your positive intentions, go through your place and get rid of the things you no longer need.

The problem is not just that you are probably having trouble finding things, but all that mess makes your place look smaller as well. Make a plan for decluttering and don’t wait for the spring to clean your home. A clean space without clutter looks bigger and minimalistic. All that extra space lets the positive energy circulate making a more peaceful environment.

Mother Nature

We are designed to live surrounded by nature, at least we were.  The fact is that nature has a huge positive impact on people. Hence, one plant can change the look of an entire room. This is not only an additional way to bring nature into your home, but it also helps to clean and re-oxygenate the indoor air. And by including natural elements into your space you feed the desire deep within you, which raises a sense of inner calm and peace. You can start with some indoor plants that are easy to maintain, some wooden details and maybe a closed terrarium. You will be surprised how just a touch of green can help with making your living space more positive.

Surround yourself with the things you love

I’m not just talking about your favorite takeout or video game. I’m talking about permanent things that really matter. Fill your shelves with your favorite books, and frame the photos of your loved ones. If you are into exercising, you can make yourself a tiny Pilates or Yoga sanctuary, or a little gym. For starters, all you need is a mat and good music! Home is a place where you should spoil yourself. Buy yourself a nice coffee mug and fancy pajamas. So what if nobody can see it, the feeling is what counts.

Colors of joy

Maybe it seems trivial, but actually, color impacts you on an emotional, psychological and physical level. Scientists state that different colors can change not only your mood, but also your body temperature and appetite. They can affect your mood or level of energy. Be aware of how different colors impact you before determining what hue to paint your walls. For example, green calms you down, purple makes you melancholic while orange fills you up with energy…maybe a bit too much. And your favorite colors, well, they just make you happy, so use them! Of course, my recommendation is to go with bright and pastel tones. But you can spice things up with one wall in some strong color, why not? Dream, experiment and try out new things.

Surround yourself with the things you enjoy.

Throw out the bad energy

If the bad experiences you have had in your life hang from the walls or sit on the shelves of your home, throw them out. You probably have memories associated with more items than you are aware off. And when the associations become negative, these reminders can drain you. If you have learned something from bad experiences, that is amazing. But there is no need for constant reminders. By removing this bad energy, you will be one step closer to creating a serene ambiance and making your living space more positive.

Take care of every room

Don’t just focus on some rooms while others are forgotten. It doesn’t matter if there is some space you haven't finished decorating or painting, ignoring it is not a solution. Sometimes, it’s just easier to close the door on these rooms and deal with them another day. Unfortunately, they affect your unconscious and draw your energy, reminding you of a task left undone. By finishing them, you will feel peaceful and complete. Create home harmony by making each space in your home important and inspired. Making your living space more positive will make your life more positive and that is just priceless.

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