Manhattan and Brooklyn Rents Keep Falling, the Pros and Cons of a Small Co-op, and More

March 6, 2017 | By Virginia K. Smith
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For the fifth month in a row, Manhattan and Brooklyn rents dropped (StreetEasy)

The intimacy of living in a small co-op building has its drawbacks (NYT)

Avoid these common pitfalls when renting out a NYC apartment (Thrillist)

Another day, another new app billing itself as the Tinder for roommates (Bushwick)

Should you disclose to a potential co-op board that you're planning to work from home? (NYT)

Millennials are abandoning high-priced North Brooklyn for cheaper outer-borough options (Free Williamsburg)

One person in injured after a major fire tore through a Washington Heights apartment building over the weekend (NYDN)

In other millennial news, young people will never be able to afford to live alone (NYP)

What to do about an unusual noise disturbance coming from the new development next door (NYT)