NYC’s top 10 wealthiest ZIP codes will surprise you

February 20, 2017 | By Diane Pham
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There’s no argument that Tribeca is home to the priciest real estate in all of New York City, but when it comes to wealth as measured by median net worth and household income, its residents don’t even register in the top 10. A new study by ESRI conducted for the NY Business Journal reveals that 11363—or Little Neck, Queens (where Governor Cuomo once owned a mansion, to give you and idea)—is, in fact, New York’s richest ZIP code. Here, the median household income clocks in at an impressive $94,192 with median net worth reaching $326,104.

A mansion in 11363, Douglaston, Little Neck, Queens

Several Manhattan ZIP codes did come in at the top, but they might not be the ones you’re thinking. According to Esri, the 10 wealthiest ZIPs in NYC are:

  • 11363 – Little Neck, Queens
  • 11697 – Breezy Point, Queens
  • 10022 – Midtown East, Manhattan
  • 11005 – Glen Oak, Queens
  • 10021 – Upper East Side, Manhattan
  • 10028 – Upper East Side, Manhattan
  • 11362 – Little Neck, Queens
  • 10312 – Annadale, Staten Island
  • 10069 – Upper West Side, Manhattan
  • 10280 – Battery Park, Manhattan

To get to their results, ESRI pulled demographic data for the city and ranked the top 50 ZIP codes by wealth. They also created a color-coded map, found here, that allows for more detailed comparisons of the various ZIPs, including total population, the number of households, and their subsequent median household income and net worth.

Color-coded blocks have also been assigned a “Tapestry Segmentation” which attempts to characterize neighborhoods based on lifestyle as they relate to spending and socioeconomics. For example, most of north and brownstone Brooklyn fall into the “Laptops and Lattes” or “Trendsetters” categories, which are pretty much defined exactly as you’d expect.

[Via NY Business Journals]

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