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August 26, 2019 | By Lisa Roberts
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Having a smart home is almost a must if you want to make it in today's real estate market. Be it for the control that they provide or due to the economical ways in which they use energy, smart homes seem to be the newest real estate trend. But, as you might guess, it can be quite expensive to tack out your home with all the latest smart home equipment. Especially if you are simply doing so in order to yield a better price when selling it. So, what should you do? Should you forgo making your home smart? Of course not. What you need to do is to learn which are the smart home features that sell homes and them implement them



"Why do people prefer smart homes?"



Why are people so keen on getting smart homes? Surely a sturdy, well designed, old-fashioned home is just as good as a modern smart one, right? Wrong! People want to have a home that suits their lifestyle. They want to have a home that makes their lives easier and allows them to thrive. That is precisely what smart homes are about, and that is also what you need to keep in mind when trying to sell one.

Better control

One of the main reasons why people have become so crazy over smart homes is control. Once you sit down and think about it, the amount of control you can have over your home seems like science fiction. Not only can you control the devices and appliances in your home, simultaneously, but you can even control the climate condition of your home.

You can limit your power expenditure and make your home extra green. Furthermore, you can keep track of the items in your home and make moving easy. So, if a local move requires professional help, you can easily tell your movers what you need to have relocated. Overall, there are numerous ways in which you can interact with a smart home, and you need to find the ones that will satisfy your buyers.


Another reason why people love smart homes is efficiency. Not only will your home be efficient in maintaining the temperature and with overall usage of energy, but it will be efficient with time when it uses it. This means that you can have an eco-friendly move with Dynamic Movers NYC, and an eco-friendly life with a smart home. What better way to help mother nature?





Must have smart home features

Ok, so now that you have an idea why it is almost essential that you make your home smart before selling it, what are the must-have smart home features? What should you install in order to get a better price for your home, and have an easier time selling it? Well, let's take a look.


Home security

First off, you want to make your home look like it is the safest place in the world. There is nothing more that people love than a home that is safe and secure. So, at a minimum, you want to install some smart locks and maybe even a rudimentary surveillance system. And, if you opt for a more high-tech security system, all the better. Some of them even come with facial recognition cameras and can inform you of suspicious activities.


 A person pressing an icon for unlocking a home.

One of the best smart home features that sell homes is increased safety.

Smart lock programs can be connected to a phone which will make losing a home key virtually impossible. Plus, it will make unlocking your home, once potential buyers come over, much more impactful. And, don't forget, first impressions are quite important when it comes to selling homes.


Energy saving

Energy saving is one of the most important smart home features when it comes to selling home. After all, the best way to sell something to someone is to convince them that they will be saving money by doing so. And saving money is precisely what smart homes are keen on doing. A smart home will easily monitor your energy and find a way to be as efficient as possible.


A person using a tablet to control the temperature in their home, thereby showing one of the smart home features that sell homes.

People are often surprised at how energy efficient smart homes can be.



Most people don't even realize how much energy they are wasting, due to poor heating systems or improper insulation. Well, with a smart home, those problems will be long gone. Remember to mention this thing when selling your home, as it can be quite an important point to press.



From some people, simply having an energy-efficient, safe home won't be enough. In order to sell yours, you will have to go the extra mile in presenting your home. And that extra mile should be convenience. One of the smart home features is that all the information and all the controls can be projected on a single device. So, you'll be able to use your smartphone for more than simply taking photos of your home.

A person using a phone to control a smart house.


You can easily use your phone to control your entire house.

A person with a smart home can use it turn on their oven, monitor the heat in their home and check who is at their door. You can even get notifications from your fridge about the things you need to buy. Not to mention the fact that you can schedule your oven and your bath so that you can have a warm dinner and a nice bath set up for you after a long day of work. Now, if that does not help someone Live Better, we don't know what will.


Light systems

People often forget how important light is for their home. They usually like to see whether or not a home has enough sunlight, and they are done. But, if you really want to make your home pop out, you should look into smart home light systems. A smart light system is an easy, cost-effective way to impress your potential buyers. Especially if you combine it with some clever decorations. As we mentioned before, first impressions matter a lot. And, if you are keen on making a good one, remember to install a smart light system.


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