We want our agents to be 100% Happy. Simply, our success is their success. 

At SPIRE our vision is to create a better everyday life and future for the many people we serve. We support this vision by providing our agents with the best resources plus all of the commission, so that experienced, collaborative, service-oriented and results-driven professionals can truly thrive. We call this platform "100% You". And together, we will succeed.

How would keeping 100% of your commissions with even better support than you're getting now impact you? 

While keeping 100% of the commission on each and every deal significantly increases your bottom line, you’ll find that our 100% platform goes way beyond the commission. The support and opportunities you get here are invaluable, from our training programs, lead generation systems and exclusive partnerships to world-class technologies and direct access to ownership. SPIRE agents tell us that while full commission payouts brought them here, it is the strength of our brand plus the culture of support, collaboration and flexibility that sustains them.

We treat every agent as if they're our only. That's what "100% You" is all about. 

One of our agents, Rob McCormack, perfectly summed up the “100% You” experience when he said:

“SPIRE is a dynamic company. They put the genuine interest of the agent in front of anything they’re trying to gain themselves. That’s the true spirit of it and that’s why we’re successful.”           

Rob isn’t alone in his opinion of SPIRE. Click here to see what our other agents have to say about us and learn how you can benefit from a career that’s always "100% You".

Call us at 212-500-1900 or email [email protected] to schedule a career changing interview. 

As you review the following list of SPIRE benefits, we invite you to consider a career that doesn't merely focus on what you do, but rather why you do it. At SPIRE, it is the source of our shared success, happiness, and the reason clients, agents, and partners count on us to 'live better'.

True 100%™ Commission - True 100% commission begins immediately upon association with SPIRE. We require at least one-year real estate agency experience, a full-time commitment, and a high closing ratio for hiring consideration. Agent dues are $495/month.

*Agent Comparison: 50% ⇒ SPIRE TRUE 100%™
RENTALS (3/mo @ $3,000)
SALES (4/yr @ $30,000)
Less Fees & Splits
*Based on industry average gross commissions, fees and splits

Active Leadership - in-house and mobile support with 24/7 access to owners, managers, and mentors to answer any and every question. We thrive with open-door and immediate-response policies that ensure everyone has the support they need to succeed.

Career Development - for advanced and always-evolving skill development with renowned coaches and experts both inside and outside real estate, including Sales Training, Sales Mentor Program, Rental Boot Camp, seminars and webinars, expert consulting with our dedicated mortgage, attorney, appraisal, CPA, and interior design partners, one-on-one coaching in operations, listings, marketing, technology, and accounting, steeply discounted coursework at Broker Heaven, Certified RE Advisor Course, and innovative programs designed around your specific goals.

Advanced Personal Branding - expert direction from top and world-renowned marketers both inside and outside the real estate industry for smarter, career-building guidance.

Social Media Integration - our dedicated social media team will optimize your online accounts to build your personal online visibility.

Comprehensive Listings - including RealtyMX's enhanced database, a dedicated internal listings department, along with the most relevant listing databases available.

Mobile Tools & Technologies - including our innovative website, SPIREL online library giving remote access to all essential documents, leases and templates, cloud-based personal desktop-by-login, inSpire Network social media collaboration software, and our forthcoming client-facing mobile app.

Comprehensive Marketing Support - on-site marketing experts provide design, messaging, and technical direction for advertising, listings, websites, and blogs. We also provide hands-on support for agent and property-specific press releases, helping you get editorial placement for personal branding and exclusives.

Targeted Lead Disbursement - including proprietary lead generation software and effective lead disbursement by unique neighborhood and niche expertise.

Collaborative Culture - Spire has an unusually collaborative, inspired culture. Agents share leads, expertise, and often cover appointments for each other, with an energy and enthusiasm you won't find anywhere else. Many agents transition from rentals to sales by participating in our sales mentor program.

Recognition, Rewards & Incentives - SPIRE agents are rewarded both formally and financially for successes in deal size and scope, as well as humanitarian efforts, that directly enrich the lives of our clients, agents, and partners.

Hassle-Free Payments - including direct deposit, early pay during holidays, and same-day compensation.

Leadership Opportunities - SPIRE Advisory Board leadership positions give our agents direct influence on company growth and enhancements in the areas of rentals, sales, team building, and technology. Many advisors have participated as guest speakers at events throughout the city, rounding out their experience as industry thought leaders.

Life-Enriching Activities - SPIRE agents have a unique opportunity to participate in company-sponsored sports, charity functions, outings, and team-building events, including our Quarterly Top Producer's Day at select upscale locales such as famed wineries, luxury spas, golf courses, and culinary arts schools.

Health & Wellness Support - We provide discounted group rates on health/dental/vision as well as gym memberships. Agents may also take advantage of our weekly in-house service offerings including spa and chiropractic treatments.

Immediate Response Policy - our management team immediately responds to all agent questions. We also provide frequent company reporting, announcements, weekly insights, quarterly agent news, and regular celebrations that keep you informed and inspired.




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