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Vladislav Hristov is one of the latest additions to SPIRE Group and their commercial real estate division cannot be more pleased with the wealth of knowledge and experience he brings to the table.
Born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria, Vladi was fortunate to be in the center of a small market that provides plenty of business prospects for those with a can-do attitude; an opportunity he did not squander and achieved a bachelor’s degree in Economics and master’s degree in Finance from Sofia University.
For the past ten years, Vladi was Director of Capital Markets for CBRE, which is the leading full-service real estate services firm in the world. In his role at their affiliate office in Bulgaria (MBL), he provided a variety of transaction advisory services to clients regarding the acquisition and sale of single assets and portfolios of income-producing properties including, but not limited to office buildings, shopping malls, and hotels. When Vladi was leading the transaction services team in Sofia, he supervised a significant number of transactions where he excelled at due diligence and negotiation support, debt and equity structuring, and lender/borrower workouts. Due to his impressive depth of expertise, he was known as the “go-to man” for transactions.
During this decade long tenure, Vladi directly sourced and closed over $350 million in acquisitions and was ultimately involved in financing deals totaling over $100 million. In parallel, he provided merger and acquisition (M&A) advisory services as well as financing solutions and valuations to institutions, corporations, and multinationals.
Vladi is a certified "Property Finance and Investments" surveyor and member of the UK Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). He has had the pleasure of working with some of the largest industry names, including: Commerz Real, Europa Capital, W.P. Carey, CA Immo, Heitman, Zeus Capital Partners, Tishman International, AM Alpha, Lone Star, Origami Capital, Actavis, Acsion, Deutsche Bank, Heineken, NEPI Rockcastle, Revetas Capital, Siemens, and many others.
Prior to joining MBL|CBRE in 2008, Vladi spent more than five years in the banking sector as the manager of the Treasury Sales desk at the Sofia branch of ING Bank, and also at the Treasury and Capital Markets desks at Piraeus Bank and UniCredit Group, where Vladi was involved in the management of a €500-million bond portfolio and the underwriting of over €100 million in bond issues.
Having moved to New York City in 2018, Vladi was able to hit the ground running and immediately dedicated himself to serving the private and institutional property owners across NYC, ensuring they entertain offers from a greater number of competing buyers, including European and Middle East investors.
I help sellers maximize the sale price for their income-producing properties and assist buyers with finding the perfect deal based on their investment criteria. My extensive network of industry contacts on 3 continents provides additional value to our clients.

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