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SPIRE Real Estate Group is proud to welcome Michael Daniels Before he became a real estate agent four years ago, he was making a living in the hotel and entertainment industries. Born in Harlem and raised in the Bronx, Michael Daniels settled in Brooklyn over seven years ago and considers himself to be a true New Yorker. In addition to assisting people with real estate needs, he is certified in Construction Project Management, a member of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, and trains in HIIT. Witty, funny, and a realist at heart. Michael started out in commercial and residential sales and is still an active extraordinary sales agent, however Michael enjoys being involved in the community, which helps him stay abreast of the affordable housing situation in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and all other boroughs where exclusive government rental subsidy programs are in effect. Real estate prospects will appreciate how knowledgeable he is about the ins and outs and highs and lows of these areas. If you are searching for property, Mike would be thrilled to assist. “My inner compass will know your needs and wants, and how to make sure they are met.”

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