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Ivan Palov Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker 917-385-8048

Vlad and Ivan from Spire Group have been very helpful throughout the process of our apartment searching in LIC. They accommodate to our dates and time for the viewings. They listened to our needs and would not rush us into any signings. September - October is a busy season and things go really fast. They have def made it a frustration free experience working with Spire.

Xiao - 10/02/2018

Working with Ivan was a great experience. He is very knowledgeable of the Long Island City area and able to leverage his relationships with building management to get you the best deal possible. He will work tirelessly to find the perfect unit for your needs and is incredibly responsive to inquiries. I would definitely work with again and recommend to friends

Craig C - 09/18/2018

When you dream about the best case scenario in your housing search, Ivan is your guy. Without a doubt, Ivan and Vlad are the best in LIC and you won''t find a better service with anyone else! My roommate and I had a challenging request that tied in a strict budget and strong opinions on likes/dislikes. We were firm on what we wanted and I''m sold that we spent a week working with over two dozen agents around the New York City area between Manhattan and Queens viewing units from 9am to 7pm. NO ONE gave us such detailed commitment and attention as Ivan did. Ivan and Vlad took in our needs and wants and recommended great options for us around Long Island City. Even when we were unsure, back and forth, or unable to financially commit, Ivan took that feedback and delivered an even better option that we couldn''t resist. Extremely appreciative of his efforts and the white glove service. Even through the bustle of New York City summer housing, he was 100% available and always followed up with a text or phone call to stay on the same page. When we finally agreed to a new home, we ran into a number of roadblocks that discouraged us from staying on board. Ivan was with us the whole way and made sure the entire experience was seamless, not just the searching part. We''ve since then signed our lease and are now ready to move into this beautiful gem Ivan and Vlad found for us! Amazing experience working with the two of them and highly, HIGHLY recommended if you want to feel like your search is in great hands. We couldn''t have done this search without them and they''ve definitely worked hard to earn such high ratings!

Iun Chen - 09/05/2018

I had to rent an apartment sight unseen and Ivan was extremely helpful. He sent me videos and pictures of all the buildings and apartments and took the time to explain everything. He was always available to answer any question I might have and was always pending of my application status. Plus, he has good connections with the lease offices of the buildings and helped me go through the application process faster. If you are looking for an apartment in LIC, Ivan is the guy to go. I highly recommend him. I rented an apartment from this agent.

Eduardo Tagle - 09/01/2018

Let me start by saying Ivan Palov really came to my relocating rescue!! When I recently found out that I was relocating to New York City with only a month’s notice, it really put me scrambling to find not only a place to live but a building that had all of the amenities that I was looking for as a young professional. As anyone knows, the market here can be daunting with thousands of units in hundreds of different neighborhoods. I first reached out to Ivan Palov late on a Friday night and received a response within minutes asking me all the details of what I must have, would like to have and could do without when looking at different units and what my price range and neighborhood preference was. With my visit to find a spot less that a week away, Ivan scheduled me an appointment bright and early the first morning I was in the city with four different buildings with many types of units in each, so I was able to see all of what was available in my price range. Within the first two hours, Ivan Palov had nailed the exact unit I was looking for and was even able to squeeze my balcony want into the price range I wanted. Throughout the entire stressful, but exciting experience, Ivan was always honest and authentic when it came to my needs as a client. This was a very uncertain time for me, but Ivan was able get my application in the same day with me signing a lease before I flew back home to start my packing. In today’s business world, people like Ivan are hard to find and I, without a doubt will be returning to him for me and my friends/families NYC real estate needs.

Steven - 08/21/2018

Ivan and his team were a pleasure to work with. Extremely responsive and helpful in locking in our new place. Thanks again! Will recommend. I rented an apartment from this agent.

Jennifer Kim - 08/19/2018

I worked with Ivan and Vlad, and they were so helpful during this process. I''m pretty sure my roommate and I saw every available unit on Long Island City, Queens because of all the help from Ivan and Vlad. Great coordinators, very responsive in messaging, and overall very supportive people. These are not brokers that will try to pressure you into anything and make you sign anything until you are 100% sure. I had some complications with my application, but throughout this entire time, these two were amazing support. Made my move to NYC experience great.

Rose Yi - 07/24/2018

Over the past few weeks Ivan has been fantastic with helping us secure our new apartment in LIC. Regardless of the time day or night he was available to answer all our questions and went the extra mile again and again. I'd fully recommend Ivan to anyone looking for a skilled professional in the area!

Matt V - 07/20/2018

I was initially not planning on working with a broker, but when I found myself a bit in over my head and encountered strong recommendations for Ivan's LIC expertise, I decided to give him a shot. He definitely met and exceeded any expectations I had. With 9+ years of market experience, he offers guidance that is hard to find no matter how much individual research you do (nuances of the neighborhood, quality of management companies, price trends, etc.). Ivan gave us the good, the bad, and the ugly, along with his own opinion, all without pressuring us to make any given decision. He also helped us manage the lease signing & approval process and remains a resource if we have any questions. Plus, he is a blast to hang with and made our whole search process more enjoyable. Strongly recommend him for anyone looking for an apartment hunt partner.

Geri K - 07/11/2018

My experience with Ivan and Vlad was incredible! My boyfriend and I were looking for an apartment in Long Island City this summer and both of them made the process so easy. We were able to find a beautiful apartment within budget - all thanks to these two. From the outset, they were very easy to get in touch with, receptive of all our wants/needs for the apartment and took time to show us many units over a period of a week. They went above and beyond our expectations and have been some of the best agents I have worked with over the years. I cannot recommend them enough!!

Ashna Pai - 06/26/2018

Ivan was great. Showed me some nice apts but made sure we kept looking till I found the one I really wanted. Streamlined the process and pushed it through when a third party verification company slowed it down. Can't thank them enough, definitely recommended!!

Gregg De Domenico - 06/24/2018

Ivan’s group helped us find a 10/10 apartment. He followed up with us throughout the entire process from scheduling the viewing to signing the lease and was a pleasure to work with! I will definitely stick with this group in the future.

Alexandra Devinney - 06/12/2018

My girlfriend and I were searching for a one-bedroom apartment, while my girlfriend''s sister was looking for a studio. We were hoping to be in the same building in the Long Island City area. We had visited several apartments and toured them with the leasing companies and were somewhat reluctant to use broker because of possible additional fees or dealing with untrustworthy people. We were looking at various listing on apartment sites and reached out for a tour, at which point we connected with Ivan and Vlad from Spire. It couldn''t have gone better. They went above and beyond our expectations. They met us on short notice, understood our budget, listened to what we were looking for, and did not apply any pressure at all. On top of that, they were both very knowledgeable about each of the properties and possessed a great deal of experience with the management companies. To be frank, we asked them a lot of questions, some of which you might typically ask the leasing agent. They were able to answer all of them correctly. It felt like we had a trusted adviser with us along the way and that they sincerely had our best interest in mind. They followed through on all their commitments and stayed with us to the end. The management company for the building we settled on covered the broker fee; however, these guys would be worth it even if they hadn''t. I will use these guys for all future broker needs.

Karsten Deuschle - 05/18/2018

Ivan is without a doubt the most knowledgeable broker in LIC. He was so wonderful to my girlfriend and I as we searched several apartments with him. He never rushed us, assisted us with questions, always offered to help or work with our schedule, and he REALLY helped us stay within our budget to get more "bang for our buck." He was involved every step of the way and made sure all of the information was accurate. If you are unsure where to start when searching for an apartment in LIC, I HIGHLY recommend Ivan. He really is the best.

Kelsey Navin - 04/10/2018

Hats off to Ivan Palov for going above and beyond to make our apartment hunting experience a positive one. Ivan really listened to us and what we wanted from our next apartment, before finding us the best unit in LIC and the move value. I can''t wait to move in and enjoy the views of the Empire State Building from the balcony in our new apt. If you''re working with Spire, ask for Ivan!

Marco Caranza - 03/22/2018

Cruising around the real estate section of Facebook at 2am and I write a place for more info. A few minutes later, I get a response from a guy named Ivan. Ok, a fellow late-niter! So I reply and say ''If you''re still up, rather than me typing all my needs, feel like a call?''... and my phone rang. Wow! Getting things done on *my* schedule. That''s the first bonus. We talk for a bit and I explain exactly what I''m looking for, and by that, I mean I''m kind of vague and all over the place. Ivan took it all in stride, taking the time to figure out what I was really interested in, helping me refine my needs first, before just hawking whichever place offered the best commission. Taking the time to actually understand me? That''s bonus #2. We agree to meet over the next few days. Ivan had already made arrangements at all of the places he thought would be a good fit based on our conversation. We start. Prior to Ivan, I had seen about eight or nine different buildings and none were inspiring to me. Two out of the three Ivan showed me were my #1 and #2 picks already. Spending time with the building reps, I''m asking waaaay too many questions at the first few places and next thing I know, I had knocked Ivan''s carefully-crafted schedule off course. But not once did he rush me. He let me know that the latter place may have a time constraint, but he''d be more than happy to call them and reschedule for me, and that''s exactly what we did, with him happily agreeing to come meet me the next day based on my schedule. That''s bonus #3. After the first day, Ivan had a much better idea of what I was after. Even after already doing an amazing job on day 1, he says ''I think I know the perfect place for you. It has everything you like. It just ''feels'' like what you''re describing. Unfortunately he can''t go due to a scheduling conflict, but sets up a visit for me to walk over and meet a rep at the building. I walk in and instantly fall in love. This is the place where I will be living. I call back Ivan and let him know. That''s bonus #4. Unfortunately, there is a small hiccup in this story. Unlike all of the other properties I had seen, the one that I loved the most wasn''t paying a broker''s fee, meaning that''s on the shoulders of the perspective tenant. In other words, me. But before I can even think ''I knew there was a catch! This is how they trick you!!!'' Ivan said ''Mark, I made a mistake. I thought they covered my fees, but they don''t. Still, do not worry about me. If you love that place, rent it. I''m not going to charge you for my mistake. That was the mic-drop moment. An agent just purposefully told me not to worry about their entire fee because they missed it. He didn''t say ''Hey, I made a mistake, but you have to pay.'' He didn''t even say ''I missed this, but could you at least split the difference with me?'' He said ''You''re my client and I need to do right by you. I won''t charge the fee.'' I signed that very lease earlier tonight. People like Ivan are very rare. He''s funny, knowledgeable, very laid back, and always for cracking a joke, but the man knows his properties. He listens to what the client says and finds the perfect match. And more than all of that, he''s honorable. He stands by his word even over his fees. That''s just unheard of in the real estate business let alone in the NYC *rental* real estate business. If I could leave more than five stars, I would. I am definitely keeping him in my favorites should I move again or have a friend in need of some real estate advice. Ivan, you''re the man! Thanks so much for helping me find the perfect place.

Mark Donohoe - 03/13/2018

Ivan Palov is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to LIC apartments. He is well connected with the leasing offices in each building and if it wasn''t for him, I would not have had my application approved. My case was somewhat difficult so I needed someone who knew how to present it properly to management so my application could get approved. Throughout the process, Ivan proved to be not only a real estate expert but also, a legal adviser, a psychologist, a friend.

Cyril - 02/07/2018

I was fortunate enough to come across Ivan Palov on my hunt for an apartment. He responded to my query immediately and was in touch with me to better understand my preferences and priorities. He knew the market well and was able to find several suitable choices that corresponded with what I was after. The next day I met him for an appointment and was able to secure an apartment that truly did fit my needs. I found Ivan''s knowledge of the property market useful, particularly because he took the initiative and time to understand the needs from a client perspective. Because he did this, he was able to provide me with valuable advice and prioritize the showings of a number of properties whilst providing his honest & professional opinion about each one of them.

Nilusha - 01/15/2018

I was very skeptical about working with brokers prior to this experience, but Ivan Palov really changed my mind. While a lot of brokers you come across in NYC can be pushy and hide information from you, this is not Ivan''s way of working. He gave us all the information upfront, and answered all questions honestly (and there were a lot of questions!). He knows the market extremely well, and makes a real effort to get to know you - so he can make a perfect match. The process of finding an apartment went very smoothly because of his help, even when I was situated abroad at the time! I doubt there are many brokers who are able to work with clients remotely - Ivan is definitely a gem. He was very responsive and attentive, and worked within our requirements and price range. If you''re looking for your next home, I would highly recommend you reach out to Ivan.

Vajra R. - 01/11/2018

I recently had the pleasure of working with Ivan Palov while looking for an apartment in Long Island City. Ivan was incredibly knowledgeable, helpful and honest. He made the process stress-free for me especially because he was able to remember details about each apartment we saw making it easy for me to compare the differences later and ultimately make a decision. He was more responsive than any broker I have ever worked with and quick! Ivan always got right back to me and was happy to answer all (there were many) of my questions about the building I was considering. Thereafter, he kept in touch during the application and lease signing process to guide me along as needed. I highly recommend working with Ivan!

Jessica Diaz - 01/06/2018

Ivan and Vlad were absolutely wonderful! Extremely professional and responsive as I needed to find an apartment in 2 days. They both went above and beyond to ensure I was prepared to make a decision in a short time. I have worked with a lot of brokers in my time in NYC and they are by far someone you can trust to get you what you want/need, extremely knowledgeable of the area and won’t waste your time! Highly recommend!

Tara C - 01/01/2018

Ivan is just as great, as I was thinking in his job. I highly appreciate he made things work so fast and efficient -showing and helping us with all parts of the leasing process of this beautiful studio in 1 QPS tower, LIC. So knowledgeable about the area, getting to know exactly what our needs are, it didn''t take any time to show us the best he got. Decision was made and in less than a week we got approved for the studio with the most amazing view. Highly recommend Ivan''s work. Professional communication in both ways - management and us! Great job Ivan!

Anna S. - 01/01/2018

Ivan and Vlad were a pleasure to work with. They were both very responsive and punctual. They worked well with me to find an apartment within my price range and that had the amenities that I was looking for. They seem like genuinely kind people who had my best interest in mind.

Julie N - 12/14/2017

Ivan helped me find an apartment in LIC in essentially two days. As a first time renter, and a newcomer to New York, I really appreciated his candid advice and suggestions. He is very familiar with the LIC area, he is professional and responsive, and he helped me fly through the entire leasing process. It was a pleasure working with Ivan.

Thu T. - 12/10/2017

Ivan is very knowledgeable with regards to Long Island City apartments and took our needs and budget seriously to find us a great place. He is very responsive and available via text and email and was able to set up viewings within minutes of my initial request. We appreciated his transparency and the units he showed us were not far off from his online listing in terms of quality and price. He followed up frequently and kept us updated if units we were interested in were sold or likely to go off the market soon. All and all Ivan can keep up with the rapid pace of NYC rentals, which was a great help! Thank you Ivan!

Chris S. - 11/11/2017

Ivan is very easy going and undoubtedly one of the best agents to work with in the LIC area. He was very professional and responsive throughout the process. Would recommend him to anyone.

Kushal Vaidia - 10/28/2017

I contacted Ivan only a few days ago, and have just signed my lease today. He was extremely helpful throughout the process, being bluntly honest, flexible, considerate, and timely in responding to all of my questions and texts/calls, regardless of the hour. You can tell how much he cares about his clients and truly wants to help you find the best option available given your needs/budget. It''s clear that this is a full-time passion for him, not just some part-time job. I''d gladly work with Ivan again and he''d be my first choice if I wanted to look for another apartment in the future.

Marc Guiffre - 10/18/2017

I first contacted Ivan on July 20ish, started apartment viewing on July 27 with a condition to move in before August 5. Ivan and his team made it. I guess result speaks for itself.

Quinny - 10/16/2017

Ivan was wonderful throughout the whole process! This was my first apartment and he was sure to answer all of my questions while being patient and kind! He even introduced me to the staff of the building, which made me feel comfortable and at home! Ivan is the best of the best and I would highly recommend to anyone hunting for an apartment. I will definitely be working with Ivan in the future for my next apartment!

- 10/15/2017

Ivan really is as good as it gets. He is the one and only resource you will need to find what you are looking for in Long Island City. I cannot recommend him enough. He takes a real interest in his clients, cares about their needs, and is so well versed with the LIC area, he'll know exactly what you need and how to get it. Extremely professional, personable, and knowledgeable of the Long Island City area. You need to talk to Ivan if you are even considering moving to the area.

Christopher Jones - 09/23/2017

I knew I wanted an apartment in Long Island City, and I was hoping to find someone who knew the area well and could get me a good place in the area. After finding him via a web search for apartments in LIC, Ivan more than exceeded these expectations, and I ended up with an ideal place well within my price range in a great location. Everything was quick and smooth - I provided Ivan with my details and preferences on Monday morning, met him at noon the next day, and went on a nicely organized tour of about half a dozen apartments. Within about 3 hours of meeting Ivan, I had concluded the tour and submitted an application for one of the apartments, which I found to be perfect as a fit for me (and better than what I originally thought would be possible in my price range). Ivan ensured that I was connected to a leasing agent immediately after the tour to make the application process smooth, and I was approved by noon the next day (no more than 48 hours after I first contacted Ivan). Finding an apartment in the city can be a hassle and I was very apprehensive before I began the process, but Ivan made it simple - he was clear, professional, and made sure that I had fully secured my dream apartment within 48 hours of contacting him. I can''t thank him enough, and highly recommend Ivan Palov for anyone considering Long Island City as a future home.

Jason L. - 08/06/2017

I was incredibly fortunate and incredibly lucky to have Ivan as my first agent - he was genuine, trustworthy, knowledgeable, friendly, funny, and effective. Not only did he find me the perfect apartment (that I was able to sign the lease for within a week!), but he also made the apartment hunting experience stress-free, smooth, and so so easy. This was my first time apartment hunting in New York, and I came in with a lot of questions and a lot of warnings from friends about sketchy agents with questionable motives. Ivan definitely is not one of these agents - from the moment we met (he was very on time, which I appreciated), he was friendly and open, and patiently answered all of my questions. He made sure he understood what I was looking for, and went above and beyond to make sure that I understood his role as an agent, why he chose the listings he''d be showing me, and how apartment hunting in New York worked in general. As he was showing me each place (he was very efficient - we covered three in ~40 min but I didn''t feel rushed at all), he was very knowledgeable and very thorough at communicating the pros and cons of each place. What I appreciated the most was that he was not selling just to sell - he was very frank, very honest, and very real about everything. I decided to apply to the last place that Ivan showed me (which he strongly recommended, even though it was a no-fee apartment). Even after I applied, he followed up with me to make sure that I had submitted the documents that I needed to, and also checked in with the building to make sure my application was getting processed as quickly as possible. He made sure I was updated, and I never felt lost or unsure of what was going on. He even followed up after my application was approved to make sure that my lease signing went smoothly. Basically, Ivan is wonderful because he keeps it real - he has your best interests at heart and goes above and beyond to make sure you get what''s best for you. I quite literally could not have had a better experience and will definitely use Ivan again for my next move!

Samantha L. - 07/24/2017

Ivan is a riot to work with. He had the good sense to remind me not to spend all my money at Bloomingdales while I had all of it locked into bank checks for my security deposit and rent. #GirlProblems. Jokes aside, Ivan was clear and professional from the start. He was honest about each of the buildings we viewed, and took his time showing us all of our options. He listened to our needs and found apartments that had all the amenities we were looking for while fitting our budget. Once we found the one we wanted, he kept up a steady line of communication with us, and made sure we had all the documents we needed in order. On his end, he was fast and reliable, and when the building managers were slow to respond to us, he reached out again and again to make sure that things were getting processed. Overall, Ivan made the usually stressful and frustrating process of apartment hunting in NYC easy and fast. Boom! Thanks Ivan!

Jessica - 07/14/2017

Ivan and AJ were really helpful and honest and paid attention to my budget. They had a great knowledge of the LIC area and the up and coming residences. They made the process quick and painless and answered all my questions and even helped me negotiate an earlier move in date with the building. Within just a few days of meeting them I was able to find a great building that met all my needs and sign a lease. Apartment hunting in NYC can be the biggest hassle but I''m glad I found Spire Group, I would recommend them!

Pia V. - 07/11/2017

Great experience working with AJ and Ivan to get an awesome luxury apartment in Astoria. Fee was reasonable and the process moved along really quickly without any of the games real estate brokers tend to play. Highly recommend.

Jessica S. - 03/28/2017

My roommate and I are looking for an 2 bedroom apartment in Long Island city for moving in next month. Ivan and AJ are very helpful finding us a nice 2Br with amazing price that is lower than most of the luxurious apartment nearby. Everything is done pretty fast and we are about to move in after only 2 weeks searching. Thanks Ivan and AJ for all the effort!

- 02/17/2017

It was really a great pleasure working with Ivan Palov and his colleague AJ. They are true professionals. They help a lot not only during the searching but also contract process and after move-in. Their most significant difference than others is "they are following up even days after you sign the contract." These guys are real deal! Their explanations and detail oriented approach to apartment search helps you find the right future home. Since Ivan''s first email response, I understood that this guy knows what he is doing. AJ''s talking skills and Ivan''s frank approach will help you to save more money, besides finding you your dream home. I definitely recommend them as your next apartment brokers!

NIYAZI - 02/02/2017

If you''re looking for a place to live, without the headache, I''d highly recommend Ivan Palov. After spending weeks with other brokers looking for an apartment and time after time coming up empty, I met Ivan, and literally, within HOURS...I had my name on a lease. He guided me through the application process smoothly, and GOT IT DONE!!!

Dennis G. - 11/08/2016

“We needed an apartment in literally (7) days--we only gave him 24-48 hours notice, and BOY, did Ivan Palov deliver! (I hate being this person, truly, it drives me insane when other people do this to me, but it was a family emergency and we needed to act FAST!!!) Ivan was SUPER nice AND very detailed, professional, and amiable through the whole process and I''m one of those annoying people with high expectations of customer service as I work in the service industry as well (on the hospitality end). He made the process quick, easy, and painless. This is my first ever apartment with my new hubby, and suffice to say it won''t be my last. Thank you for everything Ivan--I had heard nightmare stories about renting an apartment in NYC. I was prepared to come crying and fighting back tears and screams. I was smiling through the whole process! Ivan is a gentleman and a scholar. We found an amazing apartment in LIC that we would not have been able to find without Ivan. THANK YOU, IVAN!!! All The Best, Kelly & Derek The Happy Newlyweds :) “

Kelly Ann - 11/07/2016

I had the pleasure of working with Ivan Palov recently and I must say he truly exceeded our expectations! Upon meeting us he was so positive, patient, and professional- he was genuinely enthusiastic about helping us find a home. He clearly explained to us what the rental requirements would be and gave us an honest opinion of what we''re looking at. As a side note I should add that we did speak with a few other brokers but even over the phone they didn''t seem very knowledgeable or experienced in that particular area and we got a sense they may be a bit fishy. From the moment when we got Ivan on the phone we felt we could trust him - something tough to say for the majority of NYC brokers. He not only knows LIC, he lives and breathes it. We saw 5 apartments with him and he was great about listening to us and getting our input in consideration. He only showed us apartments we were interested in and all of them were good matches. We found the "perfect" one in 2 days and because of Ivan''s excellent follow-through we were prepared with our paperwork. We applied and luckily were approved quickly. All in all, I can''t recommend him enough- he''s so knowledgeable, funny, and professional: it doesn''t get better than that!

NINA S. - 10/27/2016

“Best broker ever!! I would seriously recommend him to anyone and everyone. I had so many bad experiences with brokers over the past 6 years I''ve lived in New York. I''ve been scammed and lied to so many times that I became very skeptical of them. But as soon as I met Ivan, he was super friendly and chill. Most brokers are just trying to sell the apartment to you but I liked how honest and personable he was. He really showed us the best and we immediately fell in love with all the apartments he showed us! Unfortunately, they got rented out, but the next day he immediately found new listings and we signed our lease. It was seriously the most smoothest, flawless, apartment experience I''ve ever had with a broker. AND, he only charges a one month broker fee which is nothing compared to 10-15% of what normal brokers charge out of a year''s rent. Anyways, he was just so helpful in helping us get the paperworks to the landlord quickly and efficiently. More than anything, you need brokers that are trustworthy and I can vouch that Ivan is one of the best!”

EUNICE Y - 08/17/2016

“Ivan and AJ were great. Quick, responsive, available and very helpful during the application and leasing process. Couldn't be happier with their help finding the apartment right for us.”

ROBERT B. - 07/29/2016

“Ivan Palov did a fantastic job! He found my sister and I the perfect apartment. Ivan's enthusiasm and passion as a broker went a long way. At times he appeared to be a financial adviser, designer and even a friend. Ivan is very responsive, knowledgeable and easy to talk to. He showed us both no fee and broker fee apartments all within our budget range and desired location. We would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone else looking for a new place. THANK YOU, IVAN (and Andrian for your assistance).”

KATHERINE M. - 07/11/2016

“Ivan and Andrian were really easygoing and professional and made my house hunt really smooth. Ivan was responsive to my initial enquiry, and was very patient even when my phone died and I had difficulty contacting him at the time of our showing. He checked which buildings I had already viewed so he could show me only new places, and I loved the places that I was shown. They went all out to help me get my application in as soon as possible and were very prompt in communicating with the building's management. Thanks guys for making the process a breeze!”

SHUANG HAN L. - 06/30/2016

“Ivan is the ideal broker: he was efficient, he respected my stated monthly budget (more than I did, even), and 4 of the 8 apartments he showed me had no broker fee. I highly recommend him, as he took a huge amount of stress off the table for me. I reached out to him via email to tell him what I was looking for and to ask if we could visit buildings on weekend days only, and he responded rapidly to set up a time for that Saturday. When we were waiting for leasing agents or elevators at each building, he made great use of our time by showing me building amenities like gyms and roof decks. When leasing agents asked if I wanted to see units slightly above my budget, Ivan pushed back on my behalf. He also recommended that I take a few hours after our meeting to calculate out which apartments would cost me less in the long run, and he suggested I select units that were offering no fee and a free month of rent. Even when I submitted my application, he followed up with me to confirm at each step that I was collecting all of the proper paperwork and keeping things moving along. Seriously, Ivan is the ideal broker. Go with him.”

LAURA W - 04/20/2016

“Great agent. Very accommodating, professional. He knows his inventory and will look for a perfect match for his clients. He won''t waste your time if you know exactly what you want.”

ALINA K - 03/30/2016

“This review is for Ivan Palov. He''s a great, honest agent. Doesn''t try to get you with some bullcrap. He really helps you and understand what you are looking for and stays reasonably within budget. Great guy, answers emails and texts quickly. Great job!”

RICKY V. - 03/27/2016

“This is a review for Ivan Palov with Spire Group. Before I met him I have been searching for an apartment for almost a month and a half without any fortune and many ups and downs. He was able to show me a great apartment the next day upon contact and eventually secure a DREAM apartment within less than a week!!!! Ivan was friendly, punctual and extremely responsive. He responded immediately after my first inquiry and was even available at 11pm to discuss related matters. Moreover Ivan was very straight-forward and honest in assessing my chances which immediately gave me the impression he is really invested in each case. This sense of security and professionalism in the crazy New York City Real Estate market is INVALUABLE. Even after the lease was signed Ivan offered to help with anything I needed. I would gladly work with him again and highly recommend his services to everyone.”

DANIEL N. - 02/13/2016

“This review is specifically for Ivan Palov and Andrian Tchernev. I have lived in the same apartment in Astoria since 2009. It''s a beautiful huge 2-bedroom apartment with a yard that I shared with a roommate and my husband. As beautiful and special as the place was, it was time for my husband and me to live on our own and find a place for ourselves. Not having looked at an apartment in 7 years, I was terrified at what I might find and the astronomical costs of the market these days. After looking for a few weeks, we found a 1-bedroom apartment on Zillow and contacted Ivan. Within 1 minute (literally) Ivan called me and asked for our move-in date, top of budget, and areas of interest. He was incredibly friendly and responsive and within 1 hour, had scheduled an appointment for us to view 6 apartments that week. Andrian (A.J.) showed us the apartments in Long Island City and Astoria, never once trying to oversell us or push in any way. While viewing one of the LIC rooftops, he even talked about considering the ''air space'' around the apartments to be sure we weren''t buying a view that might not be there in a year. We really appreciated his honesty and relaxed way he presented each place to us, and for that we trusted him. The last apartment we saw we fell in LOVE with, and even in our enthusiasm he allowed us to take our time and think about it. Ivan made it a point to choose apartments to show us within our budget and spoke candidly and honestly about the reality of the market and treated us like equals. The entire process from application to approval was incredibly smooth took less than a week, and Ivan was there to help answer questions every step of the way. We could both text him any time, day or night, and he always responded immediately. I can''t help but feel spoiled that after not looking for an apartment for 7 years, our first brokers were Ivan and AJ. They are the IDEAL brokers you could ever wish to do business with. We would recommend working with them to anyone and plan to send all of our friends looking to move to them. They are both professional, friendly, accommodating, honest and genuinely really fun to work with. Thank you again! We are so excited to move into our (affordable!) dream apartment next month!”

HAYLEY K. - 01/22/2016

“This review is for Ivan Palov with Spire Group. I have moved in the last 5 years 3 times and I really really hate brokers. From misleading ads, lack of manners, outright lies to enormous fees and shady business operations, there was nothing positive that I can remember from my experience with brokers so far. However, finding an apartment without a broker in New York is almost impossible. I reached out to Ivan after I saw a listing he posted online and actually after checking him out on Yelp. All his reviews were so good, that it even looked a little suspicious to me. Anyway, after I wrote to him he LITERALLY responded in 20 seconds asking about my maximum budget, move-in date, and availability to see the place. I responded adequately and we arranged a viewing of a place with an agreement that he will show me other comparable units in the area as well. So he did. He took me on a tour and showed me 6 buildings (with more than one apt in some of them) in about 1 and a half hour. I can''t emphasize how blatantly honest he was about EVERY SINGLE thing I asked him, regardless dumb or valid. He answers straight away and his answers were not what I always wanted to hear but they were the absolute truth, and I highly appreciated that. What impressed me the most is that everyone in the buildings we visited knew him and greeted him with a smile. He has excellent relations with management (at least at locations he showed me). Ivan is very friendly and easy to like, serious about his business, fast in responding, hard-working and has well-established connections with management (which is very important). I am a hard reviewer but I will gladly and happily give him 5 stars. I would give 6 if I could. Reach out to him, you will be happy.”

ALEX S. - 01/12/2016

I worked with Ivan Palov. He is a very friendly and responsive agent. He was on time, honest about the apartment (for example, warned me about street noise) and did not mislead me- he even took real-time photos of the place before I came to see the place to make sure I was interested in this specific unit. Overall I would recommend Ivan, especially considering all the shadyness and laziness that other real estate agents have. Ivan was neither shady nor lazy, and for this I was very grateful!

PAUL G. - 12/20/2015

“I worked with Ivan Palov at the Spire Group and he did a great job of showing us around to different types of apartments. I ended up going a bit above my price range but after weighing the options, it was the right place for me. Ivan is personable, friendly, and great at helping you weigh the pros and cons of various apartments. I would be happy to work with him in the future once my

CYNTHIA M. - 12/19/2015

“I almost never write reviews but Ivan Palov deserves an excellent feedback! When I decided to move to NYC from CT I was very nervous as I was afraid I will end up at a place that will make me feel miserable. When I first contacted Ivan he told me not to worry because his goal is to find me a place which will make me happy and he did. We spoke several times and he listened carefully to understand what my needs are. He then made very honest and very helpful recommendations taking into consideration factors such as my commute situation. I agreed to see certain buildings he suggested and he scheduled appointments convenient for me. He also sent me a list of all documents that I needed to have on me when I go see an apartment in order to be a competitive applicant. When we met, he was on time, all appointments were very well coordinated and all buildings he showed me were really of interest to me because he knew what I wanted. If I didn''t like an apartment for some reason we turned around and left right away- he didn''t try to talk me into liking the apartment . We found a place that I really liked, I submitted an application right away and I now live in a place I love! I highly recommend him as he was very honest, very knowledgeable, very diligent, not pushy and overall very pleasant to work with!”

ASYA I. - 12/14/2015

Normally I''m not a big review writer but I think Spire deserves one. My wife and I worked with Ivan Palov to see apartments in Long Island City and he was great. We contacted him early one day and received a prompt response to setup an appointment. We may have spammed him with a thousand questions, each one was met with an attentive response showing no signs of frustration. He was a pleasure to deal with and extremely knowledgeable on the properties that we were being shown. My biggest issue, when dealing with realtors, is that they make you feel as if they are doing you a favor by showing you properties, but Ivan made us feel as if he was there for us. I appreciate his dedication.

T.M. - 11/12/2015

This review is for Ivan Palov who helped my girlfriend and I look for apartments last month. Ivan was a rare find - an honest and incredibly friendly broker who went out of his way to meet our needs. With minimal notice, he spent 12 hours in a single weekend showing us apartments in both Long Island City and Hells Kitchen. Each day he found several apartments within our budget and was professional without being pushy. I cannot recommend Ivan highly enough and I will certainly look him up again when we next need to look for an apartment.

CRAIG PATCHETT - 11/08/2015

My boyfriend and I were looking for an apartment about a month in advance from our move in date so we started looking all over to find the best location for us. Moving from the Upper East Side, we were excited to see how much more we could get for our money in Long Island City and Astoria. We spent a decent amount of time with 2 other brokers, but Ivan Palov from Spire is ultimately who stuck out the most and showed us a place we couldn't say no to! We are loving it and couldn't be happier with this choice. We definitely owe this great find to Ivan for knowing what to show us at the right timing and working with us on our move in date. He is the most accommodating and genuine broker we've come across. Because let's be honest, it can be tough to know who to trust with something like this. Luckily we were in good hands and landed an amazing apartment right next to his building too! It must be good, right?!


My husband and I recently moved to NYC this summer. We just so happened to reach out to Ivan Palov. We told him what we were interested in and he was very professional and truthful in his responses. He provided a lot of guidance and insight into NY's real estate market. We were very pleased with him. He showed us apartments for an entire day. We wanted a no fee apartment and he was able to make it happen. We are so pleased to have worked with Ivan and will work with him again in the future when the need arises.

BRITTANY LEACH - 11/03/2015

Had a very good experience with Ivan. He was prompt with communication and provided me all the information i needed regarding the building and apartment without holding back any information. If you are looking for luxury rentals in New York, Ivan is your goto. Always willing to help and get your rental secure for you.

TARUN KISHAN - 10/14/2015

I highly recommend broker Ivan Palov from Spire Group and here is why... I had just landed a new job in Manhattan and I was looking for housing in the Queens area. Though I was not in a super rush, I definitely did not want to commute for any extended period of time. Like most people, the thought of moving, much less to the NYC area, can be somewhat overwhelming, intimidating and head spinning... However, I am happy to say, that I was fortunate to find Ivan Palov to assist me in this effort. Ivan is affable and kind, concerned and sincere, laid back but interested, and most importantly of all... honest. Without a doubt, Ivan was the sole reason I was able to find the perfect apartment so quickly, so easily, and with so little stress. Ivan is / will... 1. Take you to as many or as few properties as you like, and work around YOUR schedule. 2. Show you the apartments that meet YOUR financial, spacial and locale requirements. 3. Tell you all the pros AND cons of each property and area. 4. Will answer any questions you may have. 5. Will tell you not only about the property but the surrounding area i.e.transportation, food, shopping etc. 6. Not pushy at all. After introducing the property, Ivan will let you explore, take pictures, and take your time thinking and considering. But he will remain available and attentive to any questions you may have for him. 7. Stay in contact with you and be responsive throughout the application and leasing process. I cannot say enough about how good my experience was with Ivan Palov. I am not one to write a review on the internet, in fact this may be the first time I ever have, but the man should be recognized, and I wish him further success. I am now in a gorgeous one bedroom in Long Island City, and I couldn't be happier. If you choose to go with Ivan Palov, and I truly believe you should... Tell him Danny sent ya!

DANIEL GOONAN - 10/05/2015

“Ivan and his colleagues were really helpful to secure the apartment we wanted. They were flexible with their time and even met me late in the evening a few times so all of our roommates could see the building. He has a good rapport with the building management and was able to answer almost all of the questions we had.”

MARJORIE B. - 09/15/2015

This review is specifically for Ivan Palov at Spire Group. Ivan was very responsive and professional via email. He was able to meet with me within 24 hours and show me apartments within the budget I had specified. He didn't try to show me any apartments that were overpriced or were not exactly what I was asking for. Better yet, Ivan is an incredibly nice guy and searching for my new apartment was an enjoyable experience with him. Highly recommended.

KENNETH PARSONS - 07/30/2015

Ivan Palov was our broker, amazing response times, no beating around the bush type games, direct and honest, and a very kind and professional demeanor at all times. He helped me and my fiancee find the perfect place. I gave him what requirements she wanted, and he found the perfect dream spot for the both of us, amenities, location, and best of all the price was lower than we had expected. New York is a tough area when looking for a place, he gave me all the ins and outs, what to expect and what not to expect. I think his honesty made everything seem to fall in place. He knew we were talking to other brokers and he told me to keep looking and he would check back in time to time. After we had all our options he didn't waste any time and showed us what we wanted. He stayed on top of things and made our lives so much easier. I'd recommend him to anyone of my friends in the New York region. Outstanding!

BEN YOON - 06/09/2015

I needed to find a new apartment and I didn't have much time to spend looking around (looking for an apartment in NYC is always a bit of a challenge). I worked with Ivan Palov. Ivan showed me around and walked me through many great options within my budget. Ivan is extremely knowledgeable about the rental marketplace. In one afternoon, Ivan showed me the perfect apartment which suits my budget and livestyle. I couldn't be any happier about Ivan's professionalism and friendly disposition. HIghly recommend working with extremely patient and friendly advisor.

JEFF H. - 06/01/2015

Worked with Ivan Palov at the Spire Group and can highly recommend this broker. My wife and I got a very professional impression of Mr. Palov and greatly appreciated his honest and straight forward approach to showing us apartments in Long Island City. During the application and approval process he was very attentive and responsive and managed to answer all our questions promptly and clearly. Much appreciated.

JONAS HALVORSEN - 05/05/2015

I was struggling to find an apartment within my budget in New York. I spent two weeks seeing one crappy apartment to another. Ivan Palov was a real life saver! Unlike other agents, he was not pushy or self-serving. He listened to what I wanted and showed me apartments accordingly. And to top it off, when I was torn between two apartments, he gave me great advice - even though it might not have been the most profitable deal for him. I definitely plan to save his number for the next time I move.

SHAMA M. - 04/08/2015

I worked with Ivan Palov from Spire. He is an excellent agent, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an apartment. He was patient, informative, thorough, honest and very pleasant throughout the whole process. He showed me every apt that fit my criteria in multiple neighborhoods and really helped me find the place that best fit my needs. I am extremely pleased with my new apt. Like another reviwer mentioned, Ivan is very responsive. I had no trouble getting in touch with him even though I reached out to him last minute. If you are ready to find the right apt for you, call or email Ivan. He will not let you down.

MIKE H. - 02/17/2015

“First off, based on the reviews here it looks like some Spire brokers are much better than others. I''d recommend looking through the reviews and finding a specific broker who has consistently good reviews. I was looking for an apartment on relatively short notice, and contacted Ivan Palov about one of his online postings. He set up not only a viewing on the apartment that I contacted him about, but many others within the same general price range (some slightly above and some slightly below) to give me a good idea of what I could get at each price point. (All of the apartments he showed me were ones where the owner paid the broke fee, which was a nice bonus.) He was professional, very understanding, and, most importantly, completely honest: He wasn''t trying to push any particular place on me, and didn''t hide anything bad from me. Once I decided on an apartment, he went above and beyond in dealing with the leasing office and Insurent to make sure that everything went smoothly for me. He was there for me every step of the way, and without his help, I would''ve had a much more difficult time getting the lease worked out. If you''re looking for a NYC apartment, I highly recommend getting in touch with Ivan. You''ll have a hard time finding someone else who''ll do a better job.”

ALEX K. - 01/23/2015

Working with Ivan Palov at Spire Group was a surprising and delightful experience. In New York, you unfortunately don't think of brokers as trustworthy, honest, and caring. But Ivan focuses on customer service. He's not just responsive and friendly. He actually cares. It was an awesome experience, and if you're in the market for an apartment you should call Ivan!

BRYANT COURTNEY - 01/08/2015

We worked with Ivan Palov. He was very professional. Responds to emails/phone calls fast. Ivan is patient and will find what you are looking for. He is a nice, and honest guy. Highly recommend Ivan to anyone.

Ely Carolina A. - 10/15/2014

My husband and I were in a pinch, looking for an apartment with just about 2 weeks to go on our current lease. We worked with Ivan Palov, who was a true professional. He took us to a series of great apartments, all of which were "no fee" (meaning the building covers broker’s fees). He never tried to sell us on a place with a broker’s fee, and he continued to offer up options until we found an apartment we loved at a great price. Ivan's knowledge of the industry gave us the confidence to know when we found a truly great deal. He knows every apartment building in NYC and what the going rates are for each. We would definitely recommend him to other apartment seekers in the NYC area.

Paige H. - 10/12/2014

We are relocating from San Francisco and we couldn't have managed the search process without Ivan Palov's patience and professionalism. Initiating the search from so far away, I interfaced with many agents and Ivan stood out. He returned my emails immediately and worked with me to find places that met my criteria. When we finally met in person, he was friendly, genuine and honest. He was not pushy at all and was happy to work with me, my husband and our two young children. Since we were only in NYC for a four-day weekend, we had to squeeze many viewings into a few days. Although he had a commitment on a Sunday with family, he arranged viewings for us with a Spire colleague and went far and beyond to do that. No disrespect to his colleague, but we missed Ivan! Apartment hunting from across the country is challenging, but Ivan made it easier. He stayed in communication with us throughout the process, took pictures for us and emailed them to us immediately, text us details and even used FaceTime to show me an apartment in real time. If you're looking for a broker who will be 100% committed to your search and will bring you peace of mind, Ivan is your guy. He has such high character that I was happy that he got the commission he deserved from our no-fee rental.

Eso R. - 08/12/2014

I worked with Ivan Palov from Spire. He is a great agent! I most definitely recommend him to anyone looking for an apartment. He was patient, informative and extremely helpful. Took the time to show me every apt that fit my criteria and helped me get it within a short period of time since I needed to find a place quick. I'm living in the apt now and absolutely love it. He was very responsive. I had no trouble getting in touch with him. Also very honest and realistic. Really helped me make a decision quick and one that I do not regret. Call or email him. You will be a happy customer.

Pam P. - 05/06/2014