For those who may be thinking about selling their condo, I would HIGHLY recommend the expertise and services of real estate professional Nicole Rodriguez. Nicole was part of the original sales team that helped sell out the Oro as a CONDO and not let it fall victim to the rental trap you see all over downtown Brooklyn. Nicole has personal interest in the Oro unlike other realtors because she also owns a unit in the building. She helped my wife and I(first time homeowners) purchase our apartment and she helped us sell our apartment 5 1/2 years later. Nicole is extremely hard working, easy to talk to, and bottom line gets the job done. At any point of the day, if you have any questions, she responds almost immediately with well thought out solutions and research. Her track record speaks for herself. If you look at the last 3 1/2 years in the buildings resales, Nicole has gotten top dollar for each and every sale she's had. While I've seen some other agents diminish some of the value of these apartment lines, Nicole's resales have been beneficial to maintaining the price integrity of the building, helping everyone see a healthy return on their condo. She just recently put a remarkable sales pitch together that had our apartment in contract in less then 14 days. She sold our apartment(17B) above asking price and even constructed a separate deal in place to resale our storage unit separately. So if your looking for top dollar and also keeping the price integrity of the building in place, have a conversation with Nicole. She will definitely steer you in the right direction. Best wishes Oro, Devon and Shayna Simmonds

Devon and Shayna Simmonds - 01/20/2016

Nicole gets things done!

Jack Giljic - 05/27/2014

To keep it short, Nicole is AWESOME. She went above and beyond and help me successfully rent out my apartment. She updated me regularly and even helped me find a cleaning lady to professionally clean my place. I was looking for the sixth star to rate her professional skills but it only goes up to five!

Amit Mehta - 08/20/2013

Nicole did an excellent job managing all areas of the sale of my home. In addition, Nicole made the extra effort to help with many smaller details I needed help with because I am an out of state seller. I appreciated this so much. I would trust another home to Nicole.

Krista Louden - 08/20/2013

Nicole is in the process of selling my condo here in Brooklyn And we have received 2 offers at and above the listed price! Nicole is the most professional Broker I have ever utilized; as I have had several real estate investments over the last decade and I find Nicole to be the Best! From the onset her skills and personality are well noted by all the residents in my current condominium (The Oro ) and she has an outstanding record of offers after just one open house.

Jimmy Grodin - 08/20/2013

Nicole is an excellent, thorough and extremely helpful agent who will make your buying process simple and seamless.

Benita Alexander - 06/27/2013

In 2012 my husband and I purchased our apt from Nicole Rodriguez and felt it was an excellent buying experience. We had met with several other brokers within the area and in our opinion she was the best, she was professional and friendly, very accessible and always extremely quick to respond to any questions/concerns we had.

Allyson Hulsman - 06/12/2013

Nicole did an amazing job on my sale--she obtained multiple offers, most above-ask, and sold my apartment for a much higher number that I was expecting in a very short time. I was quite pleasantly surprised--shocked, frankly--given a previous experience I had with another agent where an apartment sat on the market for a long time. Nicole has good instincts and a friendly and responsive demeanor. It was a very positive experience and I would definitely recommend her.

Kristin Kiehn - 06/12/2013

Nicole did a terrific job getting me what I needed. I was thrilled with the price she was able to get with the sale of my unit.

Alexander Kaushansky - 06/12/2013

Nicole is a great sales agent. She helped me with my quick condo closing. She answered my emails even at 6AM on Christmas morning. If you are seriously considering buying a condo, work with Nicole. She doesn''t waste time negotiating back and forth. She will close the deal!

Rosaline Shu - 01/12/2012