Blaga is a great professional agent to work with. She made the process easy, smooth, and kept her client's best interest in mind. Additionally, I appreciated her responsiveness with any questions that I had throughout the process. I'd highly recommend her and would work with her again the future.

Lina G. - 06/21/2015

Blaga is a wonderful real estate agent. She helped us find a great tenant for our property within amazingly quick time. With her guidance, she turned what would’ve been a daunting ordeal for me into a piece of cake procedure. Throughout the entire process, she made sure we understood each step we were taking, and she provided succinct and immediate responses to any questions we had. I highly recommend Blaga and will be sure to contact her again for any future work.

Jamin Cheung - 06/20/2015

Blaga is a complete professional and goes above and beyond to secure the home of her clients' dreams. From start to finish, every part of working with her was first class.

Jennifer Ferreira - 04/24/2015

Blaga tirelessly helped us search for our first apartment together. Her creativity and knowledge of the industry is unmatched. Blaga was extremely persistent with each broker we had to deal with and always managed to help us get our way. It was refreshing how easy it was for Blaga to understand exactly what we were looking for, and her search was always narrowed down impeccably. I would highly recommend Blaga to anyone who is looking to buy or sell their home.

Paulina Tillman - 10/16/2014

I met Blaga at an Open House for my client. She quickly became one of my favorite brokers to work with. Not only was she kind to my client and I, she was helpful to the tee. After viewing the unit, we quickly discussed my client's interest in taking the apartment. We were able to get an approval the very next morning! Blaga was helpful every step of the way. I would highly recommend working alongside Blaga and hope to do so many more times in the future!

Shamina Dow - 09/29/2014

Blaga is one of the best realtors in NYC, she not only cares about her clients she is great at her job as well. She understands the real estate market and understands how to get the best value for her customers. She is trust worthy and honest, I would use her if I were in the market.

Tony Jao - 09/23/2014

Blaga is the most reliable and qualified real estate agent I've ever met. During my internship, I saw an mount of her knowledge and experience in this field. She's different from some realtors who simply show some apartments, negotiate, and close their deals. She gonna with you every single step of the way and listen you very attentively to make you live better.

Jenny Ahn - 03/01/2014

Blaga is a sharp, friendly and honest real estate agent who knows her market and knows how to work with your budget to find you a great place to call home.

Ben Broad - 12/14/2013

As one of Blaga''s clients, I consider her a professional who is focused to meet the clients'' expectations. She has been very accessible prior and throughout the transaction period and negotiated the best terms for her client.

Amir E. Azar, Ph.D. - 04/30/2013

Blaga is an amazing, brilliant person. She is an incredibly efficient and detail-orientated individual who is a pleasure to work with. I recommend her to all my friends who are looking for an apartment because there is no one I trust more.

Regina Stuzin - 04/29/2013

I have to say I had a really great experience. I am very skeptical of realtors, as I feel most people should be because you are trusting your time and money with them. But after several bad experiences I was happy to find someone who was attentive and straight forward about what I would find vs. what we wanted. Blaga was an incredible help and I would and will recommend her to anyone else looking in NYC area.

J Alva - 04/28/2013

Blaga is a top-class real estate agent, without question. I''m a bit apprehensive to share her, because a great agent that has access to solid inventory and is dedicated and attentive enough to recognize exactly what I''m looking for is a rarity in New York, and I want to keep her services all to myself! Seriously- if you''re looking to buy or rent in NYC, go with Blaga and tell her I sent you.

Grant Fox - 04/27/2013

Blaga is a personable and detail-oriented person who listens to your needs. I enlisted Blaga to help me find studio and two bedroom apartments and her resourcefulness impressed me. She presented me with multiple options at reasonable price points, despite a list of challenging requirements. I would definitely enlist her real estate counsel in the future.

Bethany Dufresne - 04/27/2013

Very helpful and professional. Recommend her for future cooperation.

Americo Cacciapuoti - 03/06/2013

Blaga is a knowledgeable professional that brings result. She is great to work with knows the detail of the business. I have hired her for twice for renting our my apt and also recommended her to a few friends. We all had great experience with renting out our apt.

Sam Chiu - 03/06/2013

Blaga is a unique combination of incredible talent, genuinely warm personality and driven work ethic. It's been my experience that she delivers quality results professionally, while being dedicated and caring enough that it becomes difficult to distinguish between her work relations and long time friends. In addition to working with her personally, I've also recommended friends and co-workers colaborate with Blaga to accomplish their real estate goals, and will continue to do so.

Jess Cosgrove - 03/02/2013