George Fesser helped me when I bought a condo in Brooklyn. He was an amazing support and negotiator. I felt extremely safe and informed throughout the whole procedure. I would definitely recommend him as your real estate broker.

pia62 - 04/08/2016

George is a true professional in his field. He found perfect fit tenants to rent out my New York City coop apartment. He took care of the entire process and relieved me of all the headaches coops can bring. Although It was a slow start, George came up with many strategies and took much upon himself to make the apartment more appealing to prospective tenants. He never gave up. And "Voila." He found perfect tenants to enjoy and take care of my NYC home. I would highly recommend contacting George for your NYC Real Estate needs. He knows what to do!!

beachkat314 - 04/04/2016

George was great. He helped me compare the different neighborhoods and costs/square footage benefits of each of them. We explored several neighborhoods in Manhattan and Brooklyn looking a lots of apartments. He is very perceptive and eventually knew where I would be the happiest...even before I did. I love my new apartment.

misterjohncostello - 04/01/2016

George went above and beyond to help me, a first time NYC home buyer go through the, at times stressful, process. Buying in NYC can be scary but George was always there for me to talk me off the ledge! He always followed up on items and helped me stay on track, with the bank and co op board approvals. I never had to worry that something was slipping through the cracks. He''s simply the best! I highly recommend.

albertat - 03/30/2016

Upon arrival, George greeted my wife and I with a friendly attitude and allowed us to browse the apartment without hovering. He proudly pointed out the amenities of the apartment, the building, and the neighborhood - showing great knowledge of the area and pride in his work. George was happy and able to answer any questions we had regarding the process of buying in a co-op, and pretty soon my wife and I were at home in our new apartment.

rocksteady72 - 03/30/2016

George is a consummate professional and is without question, the best broker who I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. In a city filled with shady, unethical, and self-serving real estate "professionals", George stands as one of the few exceptions to the majority. George is not only distinguished in his knowledge and expertise of the NY market, but operates with the utmost integrity, transparency and respect for his clients and their interests. He is extremely responsive and detail oriented, as evidenced by his the fluidity and pace of his transactions and the care he puts into the presentation of his properties, respectively. I strongly recommend George - it was a true privilege, in every sense of the word, to have him as our broker and absolutely plan on using him again.

Jeffrey Umansky - 03/28/2016

Besides the deal itself, George has proven, since the beginning, that he is a real friend who tried to create a relationship rather than a transaction from this process. In my view, this is why we followed his lead and closed this transaction following his valuable advices.

zuser20140618152514632 - 03/26/2016