Ariel Cohen Mullokandov Licensed RE Salesperson | Licensed as Ariyel Mullokandov 646-696-9488

Looking for apartments (especially when unplanned) is not so fun. Even with a healthy budget, it''s quite daunting. I worked with the same broker for several years, however she recently retired. I decided to DIY and went on StreetEasy. I would see something I like.. and contact the broker. In the past two weeks I''ve had a bait and switch, had NO response to inquiries (don''t you want to sell the apartment?), dealt with con artists... the works. There is indeed a silver lining: enter Chezi. He was the contact for one of the apartments that I was interested in. When we spoke on Monday, I told him of my want list and how I was available that day.. I took off work and I was stood up by another broker who was supposed to take me out to see apartments he had lined up for me but was suddenly "too busy." Chezi met up with me 3 hours later and lined up some viewings. The last and final place was what i was most excited about.. and I was thrilled he was able to get us an appointment that day. It was downtown (where I currently live and wanted to stay), a gorgeous luxury building and right by the subway. And yes, it was love at first sight. This was the one. Chezi got to work on the apartment the next day and was extremely responsive through text.. even to my frantic messages (I am guessing brokers are therapists to a certain degree as well), ensuring me that all would be fine and organizing the paperwork needed that I submitted over. Fast forward to Thursday (today)... not only did I get the apartment, Chezi also negotiated the price a bit to what I wanted, and we got it locked in for a two year agreement. I can''t tell you enough how professional, easygoing and nice Chezi is.. in less than 72 hours, this burden is behind me and I can finally breathe easy.. and get some sleep. Thank you Chezi, you are pure class.

Jennifer - 02/07/2019

very professional puts clients first (he helped me look at a house during the snowstorm) he recognized what clients like and was quick to get back on other similar available apartments

Cecilia - 03/13/2018

- 05/16/2017