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Leah was amazing to work with. My daughter was looking for an apartment for 7 weeks, working with other realtors who didn’t do or know much. In one day with Leah she found an amazing apartment. Leah was extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. Even after my daughter signed her lease and she had questions Leah would answer her right away We highly recommended her

Tracy - 08/15/2019

Leah is absolutely incredible. I sought her help upon recommendation from a friend and now recommend her to absolutely everyone. Leah worked with us under an extremely tight time frame and very restrictive requests. She worked efficiently and effectively and handled difficult demands with ease and grace. She found the perfect apartment that met and far exceeded a wide array of demands. I could not be more grateful for her hard work. Given the opportunity, I will be seeking her help and expertise again in the future!

Steph - 07/29/2019

Leah went so far above and beyond to find us our first New York apartment! She helped us find the perfect place! Before we moved to the city, Leah went to our unit to oversee the building of our flex wall since we weren’t there to do it in person. Even after we signed our lease, Leah was extremely responsive to us over text and worked with the management company to make sure everything ran smoothly with our move in. I cannot recommend her highly enough, especially for people moving to NYC for the first time! Thanks, Leah!!

- 07/18/2019

Leah treated me like an old friend, and I said such a smooth experience with her. She made finding an apartment easy and simple, and we ended up with something that was exactly what we were looking for. Leah worked around the clock and showed us opportunities that there was no way we would be able to find on our own. I would 10/10 recommend her, and I look forward to following her success in the future!

Christy - 04/16/2019

Leah was amazing throughout the process. Was always quick to respond and always available when needed. Highly recommend.

- 03/18/2019

Leah is such a professional. She took her time and was extremely patient with us. Answered all my questions and advocated our needs. It was a pleasure to work with Leah and highly recommend.

Rob Arias - 06/27/2018

Leah was AMAZING. She has been extremely helpful from day 1 until after we moved in. As first time NY renters she gave us all the information that we needed to know in order to move into the city. She found the perfect place that fits our budget, location, and amenities. She is very communicative and responsive. You can definitely count on her to have a smooth apartment search and move in. Overall it was a pleasure working with Leah.

Macarena - 06/19/2018

Leah was amazing to work with. Not only did she go above and beyond to find a place that worked for us, but she was helping us throughout the signing process and beyond. Whenever we had a question, she was able to get a response within minutes. I can’t recommend working with her enough.

Michael - 06/08/2018

Leah was a true help in securing our new apartment last month. She assisted us with every step and made herself available for additional support, even through our move-in date! Leah was both friendly and professional and answered ALL of our questions, making sure we were able to successfully complete the application process and get the apartment that best fit our needs. We would highly recommend Leah''s service.

Elaine L. - 05/31/2018

Leah is an amazing realtor - extremely professional, yet down to earth. Nothing seems to be too much trouble for her. She found my first place in NYC; and recently she was the only person I considered contacting to help me find my new apartment 2 years later.

Michele Strudwick-Alexander - 05/02/2018

Leah has been amazing through every step of the entire process for us. From initial search to finally bringing in the furnitures, Leah has always been very responsive and helpful to keep us on track. We found an amazing apartment at a very reasonable price thanks to Leah’s help. In all, we had a really wonderful time working with Leah and found an apartment that we love. That said, I would definitely recommend Leah to anyone searching for an apartment!

- 04/30/2018

Leah is such a wonderful person! She is very warm hearted and truly cares about her clients!! I’ve gone with Leah in finding my past 3 apartments in the city. Nothing but positive things to say about her!! Also, the paperwork was always such a breeze and she really made the process of renting a new apartment easy!! :)

Christy - 04/06/2018

Leah was very nice and always available for us at any time. We are new in NY and had lots of questions. Thanks Leah for all your help

- 03/17/2018

NY NY... we all know how crazy you are. It was my first time looking for a rent. I can''t really say how many apartments I checked. When I finally met Leah Wubnech, she saw me through and she knew what I need. I can say, that she is the best real estate agent, very opened, a person who will definitely find what you need and what price you need. Moreover, she is always happy to help you with further problems that can occur in the future. I recommend her as supper real estate agent!

Artem Dzhezhela - 01/23/2018

Leah was really great. She worked so hard to try to find the perfect place for me, despite my very particular circumstances (just moved to the US so had no credit or bank account, and with a rather limited budget). Despite all this, she still gave me a lot of her time and attention, and really went out of her way to show me as many options as possible. I especially admired her professional and gracious approach, and would recommend her wholeheartedly.

Darren - 01/20/2018

I recently rent an apartment from Leah, Just want to tell that the way how she introduced me the apartment and the way how she deal with me, she makes me happy that I take this apartment and she makes me feel comfortable with my new home. I appreciate her professionalism and just want to tell Thank You

Antonio M - 11/30/2017

Leah was an absolute breath of fresh air throughout the entire apartment hunt process. We all know the process is really tedious and overwhelming, but Leah never gave up. She found us apartment after apartment, listened to our complaints and concerns with a great deal of patience. It was a great pleasure working with her!

Harshita Polishetty - 08/18/2017

Leah was incredibly helpful and responsive the entire process of securing a rental for our son. There were a lot of moving parts because of the number of roommates involved and she did a great job of keeping things on track even when it could have easily gone awry.

Liz Koman - 07/31/2017

Leah is knowledgeable, approachable, endlessly patient, and generous with her time, including after we signed the lease agreement. She made sure that we were satisfied and confortable. She answered every question and explained every form and every part of the process clearly and thoroughly. Renting an apartment in NYC could be an overwhelming experience, but Leah made it as painless and straightforward. She is not only great at her job, she also, unlike most brokers, values each client personally. After she helped us finding our flat, we walked away with a new friend. I look forward to working with her again.

Rene B - 06/12/2017

I am extremely grateful to Leah for helping my husband and I secure an amazing appointment in New York City. Being newly arrived from London without a social security number or credit score, negotiating the rental market was a major challenge but Leah made the whole process easy and pain free. She was attentive to our specific needs as far as our apartment search was concerned and we never felt rushed or pressured. Her professional yet friendly approach was greatly appreciated and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

David - 04/07/2017

Leah is an amazing agent who went the extra mile in ensuring that I found my ideal apartment in NYC. Prior to my arrival in the country, I contacted her online, she visited apartments, used Face Time for the showings, and was able to quickly grasp my requirements. I highly recommend Leah, as a knowledgeable, patient and professional realtor.

Michele - 04/07/2017

Leah is a wonderful broker who helped me find my dream apartment! She is patient and very upbeat, which makes the moving process much less stressful. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a new apartment in NYC

A. - 04/07/2017

Leah was a consummate professional and very hard working. She went above and beyond to show me additional units the next day and even in a neighborhood where I wanted to see one "for comparison" even though I wouldn''t take it, regardless. I ended up choosing an apartment shown to me by a competing broker, but even then, Leah was understanding. I would recommend her to anyone shopping for an apt in New York.

Cyrus - 04/07/2017

Leah helped me when I was relocating to New York City. I was impressed by the way in which she listened to my needs and hopes. She found a variety of places for me to visit in the neighborhoods I targeted, never taking me to a place that did not fit what I was looking for. She is an authentic person who seeks to be of service to her clients. Though she did not use this phrase, she clearly has a client-first focus.

Scott - 04/07/2017

Leah is very friendly and clever. She knew to listen our demands and presented only good choices of apartments that matched our budget. She is very helpful and worked hard on our behalf throughout the rental process, which is long and tiring. We are very happy with the result!

Ricardo - 04/07/2017

Leah was sooo great! Our process was long and hard, being that I was not in the city while apartment hunting, and got involved with other brokers (outside of Spire) that were dishonest and sneaky. Leah was always very honest with us even if it was not what we wanted to hear, she did not want to get us into a situation that we would not be happy with. After looking in mulitple areas and at multiple places, Leah found us exactly what we were looking for, and with in budget. She fought for us to get the best deals, and ended up with an amazing deal on an amazing place. She is very patient and very invested in getting her clients exactly what they want, no matter how long the process. We were lucky to have gotten involved with Leah and Caliber.

Katie - 04/07/2017

Leah was extremely thoughtful, thorough and kind during our apartment hunting process. She was truly considerate in learning our specific needs and wants in an apartment, and took these in to great account when helping us find the perfect home. My experience working with her was enjoyable with each in-person interaction and through various forms of communication. I was able to put full trust in her, as I saw how respected she was by several landlords and building managers that we met. I would recommend Leah to any prospective clients in full confidence, as I am completely thrilled with the apartment she helped me find!

Christina - 04/07/2017

Leah was by a mile the most dedicated and helpful real estate agent I met in New York City. She went above and beyond to meet me on multiple times and show me different apartments. She asked me lots of questions to help find the right place for me, and she was persistent in giving me great advice about securing a place in Manhattan. I would highly recommend Leah to anyone looking for a place in Manhattan

Shaun - 04/07/2017