Elsa continuously went above and beyond all expectations. Seamlessly helped myself and 2 roommates find the perfect new apartment in Brooklyn with great amenities and in such a convenient location. She knew all the ins and outs for navigating the often chaotic world of finding an apartment in NYC. Such a pleasure getting to know her throughout the process and would 100% recommend Elsa to others looking for apartments in the city. Thank you so much!!

- 03/01/2019

Elsa was truly a lifesaver for us! We needed to find an apartment urgently due to a job offer. I contacted her on a Saturday and by Monday she had selected great apartments for us to view, helped us understand the neighborhoods, and we signed a lease. Not only was the apartment gorgeous, it was actually under our top price range! Her lovely demeanor, combined with her professionalism and intelligence, demystified the New York City apartment hunt and actually made it a truly fun experience! Elsa is committed to client satisfaction and has an unmatched dedication to finding the perfect home. I recommended her highly, as her service is truly outstanding and noteworthy. Thank you Elsa!

Judy Greenberg - 02/13/2019

Elsa was recommended to me through a close friend of mine who had previously used her for his amazing apartment in East Village. After working with multiple brokers, I felt pretty hopeful and felt that most brokers were in the industry for themselves. With such a busy schedule, I had left apartment searching to the last minute. Even with such last minute notice, Elsa compiled a bunch of amazing apartments that was not only within my budget, but even a better deal than I had imagined. She really truly not only helped, but made me feel so less stressful during this process. Not to mention we had fun searching through apartments together. With Elsa, you truly feel like you''re apartment hunting with your amazing aunt. So happy and highly recommend.

Jae In - 02/08/2019

In all my life, I have literally never met someone in a client facing role that has gone as above and beyond as Elsa. Not only did Elsa help us find the perfect place within our budget but she helped us find a place with perfect location, amenities and countless other perks. Whenever we would have a question Elsa would be on it within a matter of minutes. Pure dedication and superior customer service. Not to mention one of the nicest and easy to get along with people. 10/10 will recommend Elsa to anyone/everyone I know looking for a place.

Mauricio - 11/26/2018

Elsa has been a fantastic help through our entire apartment hunting process. She was willing to walk us around the city with good conversation the whole time while showing us great places. After we had decided which one would be for us she was very accessible whenever we had questions about the process. While also keeping us constantly updated on things we needed to complete. I am really not sure how we would have done this without Elsa’s help, I highly recommend using her for any apartment needs you might have!

Christopher - 11/21/2018

Elsa went above and beyond all expectations and was an absolute pleasure to work with! She is honest, warm, efficient, and really has the client’s best interest at heart. Couldn’t have asked for a better broker as a first time renter in NYC and will definitely be recommending her to friends in the future. 10/10

sam - 11/20/2018

We worked with Elsa Leon. She went above and beyond to find a place we were happy with including walking in 100 degree weather for several days. Definitely would recommend her. Thank you.

Naqi Raza - 09/17/2018

This is the 2nd time I have worked with Elsa to identify an apartment and this time I chose to work with her exclusively based on the quality the first time around. Elsa has a great knowledge of buildings & apartments in Manhattan & Brooklyn and helped find an amazing 2-bed condo in Hudson Yards that ticked all the boxes I was looking for. Elsa gave clear, honest advice on what was achievable within my budget and showed me a range of properties (ended up taking the 1st one shown). I have no hesitation in recommending Elsa to friends and colleagues and will use her service again if ever I need to.

Brett Marsh - 06/01/2018

Elsa worked with and helped me secure the perfect apartment. From start to finish, she was present, available, professional, and incredibly helpful. When there were some bumps in my application process, she helped to smooth them out. It was a pleasure working with her.

Sasha - 05/26/2018

Elsa worked with and helped me secure the perfect apartment. From start to finish, she was present, available, professional, and incredibly helpful. When there were some bumps in my application process, she helped to smooth them out. It was a pleasure working with her.

Sasha - 05/26/2018

Elsa was such a pleasure to work with! She was diligent and relentless in finding us what we were looking for. She is also just generally a great human to spend time with. We will be calling her for the next move!

Ryan - 04/22/2018

After meeting with several brokers, I happened to stumble upon one of Elsa''s listings. I reached out and she was very quick to respond, courteous, and spent time understanding my needs, budget & preferences before we started searching for apartments (a BIG time saver for those looking to move quickly). She showed me a variety of options and helped explain pros/cons of each. After a very productive morning searching, we found the apartment that seemed right for me. She helped me think through furnishing options, location pros/cons, and budget considerations to help ensure this place made sense ... all without pressuring me to sign the lease (a nice plus you don''t see with all brokers). I found this apartment on a Friday and was signing the following Tuesday - driven by her prompt attention and help managing the landlord. Have already referred a colleague of mine to Elsa, encourage others to reach out to her as well!

Kevin Weber - 10/24/2016

Elsa was amazing! She really understood the type of apartment we wanted and was helpful throughout the entire process.

Kevin - 10/14/2016