Tomer was incredibly helpful in helping my boyfriend and I find an apartment that we love in the UES! We''re relocating from out of state and new to the madness that is the NYC real estate market. Tomer exhibited patience and empathy walking us through every step of the process and truly taking into account our needs and budget. I highly recommend Tomer and will be reaching out to him again for future moves!

Jess - 01/27/2020

Tomer was absolutely amazing. I worked with some other brokers at the same time and Tomer was the only one who actually showed me Apartments in my budget that i realy liked. He was very pleasant and honest and did not pressure me for one minute!! I''m definitely going to recommend him for my friends and I''m positive he will do his best to find them the perfect apartment!!!!!!!

Oron - 11/15/2018

Tomer was the first broker I''ve worked with in years who was understanding of our situation and listened carefully to what we were needing and looking for in an apartment. He showed quality units & not ones he just needed to scratch off a firm''slist. It became apparent he is extremely knowledgeable of individual buildings and NYC''s real-estate market in general. Being self-employed made me a bit nervous but Tomer was accommodating and reassuring the entire way and he keeps going until you''ve got the perfect place to call home. When my lease is up in a few years, my first call will be to Tomer. Thank you for a great experience!

James - 08/10/2017

Tomer was an absolute rockstar! He showed me over 28 apartments all over the city and took the whole thing so personally . He invested his time in finding me the perfect home and he finally found it for me. He was so patient with me and flexible with committing his time to go apartment hunting within my lunch hour and weekends. Great agent , very personable and always with a smile. Thank you Tomer I cannot thank you enough!!

SAIRA - 02/23/2017

I will go back to Tomer next time I need help with looking for apartments. He is an incredible and professional agent. He knows good apartment sources that have good locations and reasonable rents. With his assistance, we found two great apartment options that suited perfectly what we were looking for. We were surprised at the combination of the location, amenities and services offered by the apartments he showed us for the the best bang-for-the-buck rent price we had found. As some may know, if you need guarantors to rent an apartment, the application process can sometimes be complex. Tomer was kind and patient to walk us through every step of the process. He truly helped a lot and made us feel at ease and satisfied. I do not write recommendations more than 5 times in my life, but Tomer is one of the five I recommend, even as a person!

Desmond - 12/10/2016

I was fortunate enough to work with Tomer in my apartment search. Tomer made the Manhattan rental and approval process a breeze, particularly under the limited time constraint I was working with. He was in consistent contact on the progress of my questions, and maintained an up front and honest position on the responses. He provided useful feedback on not only the apartment, but the surrounding neighborhood as well. After moving in, Tomer remained in contact to ensure everything went smoothly and helped maintain communication between myself and the landlord. Tomer demonstrated professionalism and approach ability that was lacking in other brokers I have worked with. He showed that the process of finding an apartment does not have to be complicated or break the bank. Tomer ensured that the apartment was one I would be comfortable with -- all things considered.

Meghan - 08/04/2016

Best broker in the city! It takes a lot of trust to recommend someone to your family, friends or anyone searching for their perfect home. It is very rare to come across an honest and trustworthy person in the real estate business. I recently had an awful experience when looking for an apartment. Luckily I found Tomer! He was friendly, not aggressive or pushy, motivated, honest and most of all has the best interest for his clients. He is forth coming and patient. Tomer is a rare find who will continue to fight for his clients best interest even after the lease is signed. He wants each and every client to be happy with their home and makes sure they get everything they were promised. He''s is top notch and my new go to broker!

Kristen - 08/04/2016

Tomer was very helpful in our apartment search. We had a limited amount of time and had to lock down an apartment before we flew back to Phoenix. We discussed what we were looking for in an apartment, and he was able to show us several places that fit that criteria. He was very insightful and made apartment hunting in New York a piece of cake. Would definitely recommend, and I will be referring him to my friends and colleagues.

Alexander - 06/09/2016

Tomer Meir is an excellent real estate broker. He is patient, unflappable, and knows how to find exactly what you are looking for. He is good at helping more than one person arrive at place of agreement. He must have good contacts with property owners because we have always had a wide selection of properties to view. He is skilled at educating the "buyer" (Lessee) about the realities of the market. Best of all, he will stick with you until you find the place that''s right for you. This is the third time that Tomer has helped my daughter relocate. He is our NYC agent forever!

Vicki - 05/02/2016

Tomer was amazing! While I was seing my first apartment with him, he felt that I was looking for some very specific things and knew exactly what to show me next. The day after, we found the good one! :) Tomer was always helpful and available for us, by phone or in person, to answer our questions. Not intrusive or putting pressure on us. He made everything easy and smooth. plus, he always smiles!

Amelie - 01/21/2016

We had the best experience with Tomer! I have never worked with a more honest broker in the city. You can tell that he truly cares about what you are looking for and does not pressure you to stretch your budget. We will definitely be using him again in the future!

Christina - 10/14/2015

I have rented two apartments in Manhattan using the services of Tomer Meir. I cannot say enough good things about his service. He was prompt, efficient, professional, courteous and knowledgeable. Tomer showed me properties that fitted the framework of my budget and other requirements. I never felt pushed or pressured. He was always willing to locate additional properties for my consideration. He seemed to be on very good terms with all of the "men with keys" when we needed to look at occupied apartments and I was able to see a lot of properties in a very short amount of time. Even when I had made an application with a down-payment on an apartment, he continued, with good grace, to tour me around other potential living accommodations. Apartment managers were impressed with Tomer and complimented his business conduct during the application process and again complimented him again when I went back for other business. Tomer is a GREAT real estate broker.

Vicki - 05/20/2014

Working with Tomer Meir made the complicated process of searching for an apartment in NYC easy. He is very knowledgeable of the market, responsive and quick to gather information. Tomer possesses the necessary professionalism and patience. He has been very helpful and accommodating and is highly recommended.

Sheena Levian - 10/28/2013

Tomer was great to work with! He found my wife and I the perfect apartment in terms of our budget, the amount of space we requested and the location. It''s not always easy to find a real estate agent who is both honest and diligent which is hard to come by these days. There are many brokers who try to find loop holes in order to charge potential clients additional fees. I would definitely recommend Tomer for any real estate search because he will find you the apartment you are looking for and it will not cost you an arm and a leg.

Monish - 04/24/2013

I ran into Tomer recently which prompted me to write this review. After an arduous search for an apartment all over Manhattan and about to give up, we were put in touch with Tomer. He brought us to the perfect apartment and I have lived there for two years happily thanks to Tomer. His ability to work with us and sense the right fit allowed for a very positive experience. Thanks!

Shari S. - 03/05/2013

"I found the service provided by Tomer Meir to be fantastic from start to finish. He was able to offer a wide variety of properties, but most importantly, listened to my needs and was able to find me the perfect property. He was very efficient when it came to the paperwork, and everything was dealt with in a timely manner. I found my agent, Tomer Meir, to be highly personable, very well presented and extremely helpful. I would definitely recommend his services."

Jennifer - 02/15/2013

Hi Tomer! I just moved in last weekend and I''m very much enjoying my new apartment. Everything is great so far and I just wanted to thank you again for being wonderful at your job! Best,

Elise Mantell - 08/05/2012

It was a pleasure to work with Tomer. He listened better and took more time with me than other brokers. Finding an apartment can be very stressful, but Tomer eased my worries and addressed my concerns every step of the way. He has every quality you could want in a broker. He was genuinely determined to find me a great apartment and he did. I could not be happier with my experience!

Elise - 06/25/2012

It''s not always easy to find real estate agents who are both honest and diligent. Tomer definitely surpassed our expectations in both regards. From the beginning, he was honest in letting us know where our budget needed to be to fit our demands. He showed us dozens of apartments with various advantages and disadvantages just so that we saw what all our options were. In the end, he helped us find a great place where we will surely be happy for a long time. I would definitely recommend Tomer for any real estate search.

Albert - 05/14/2012

I was reluctant to work with an agent, but due to travel and time restraints, I needed extra help. I am grateful that agent turned out to be Tomer. From the start, he was kind and open and he kept neutrality in his discussion of any property. He was highly intuitive and was able to quickly hone in on what would serve me best with precision. The most surprising quality was his desire to serve and ensure I was satisfied with my decision -- he was completely cool when I called him on a holiday to tell him I wanted to change my mind after signing a lease and helped me make that change happen with ease. Best of all, I''m living in the apartment of my dreams! Thank you Tomer and the rest of the team at Caliber!

Wendy - 01/23/2012

I had the pleasure of working with Tomer last month. Tomer listened to what type of apartment that I was looking for and he showed me several places that were similar to what I was looking for. Tomer helped me fnd a great apartment in a really nice building. He also came through on his word and was able to negogiate the rent. He was extremely helpful with the application process and kept in touch with me when we were waiting to hear if I was approved. Overall it was agreat experience working with Tomer and I would recommend him as a broker to others.

Jennifer Siller - 01/13/2012

Looking for an apartment in NYC when you are arriving with your family from a foreign country could be very difficult. We contacted Tomer. After explaining our situation, what kind of apartment and which area we would like, he immediately guided us into the city, showing us many apartments and explaining us the process to rent an apartment in US. He was really helpful, professional and kind. Now my wife, my daughter and me enjoy living in this apartment and in NYC. Thank you Tomer.

Julien M. - 11/16/2011

Hello Tomer, I wanted to let you know that we have moved into our apartment and we LOVE it. Thanks so much for your help, I truly could not have done it without you. Hope all is well and that you got your commission!!!

Jake - 06/27/2011

Hi Tomer, I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for guiding me in the apartment search process. I appreciate your patience, as well as not pressuring me into an apartment. I am confident I made the right choice and am excited to move! I also wanted to say thank you to you and your boss for helping me get the best deal I could have. I truly appreciated both of you being part of the process from start to finish. Again, you both helped to make it much easier!! I have already given your name to two of my friends who are hoping to move this summer -- I will continue to speak highly of you and your company to anyone who will listen! I wish you all the best,

Jenn - 06/15/2011

There are three essential professionals you need to know when living in NYC. A dog walker, a house keeper, and a broker. Yes, a broker and you best be on good terms with all three. I have met a few other brokers through friends recommendations, but in the end I decided on Tomer. Tomer was the best fit and the right decision I made. He asked the right questions to narrow down my search and showed me the ideal apartments that was within my budget. Apartment hunting is difficult, but Tomer made it easy. Based on what my friends have been paying for I was originally looking for a 1bdrm with the option to convert to two with no door man. Tomer out did himself by finding me a true 2bdrm with a doorman and a view that can take your breath away and all within my budget which was crucial. It met all my criteria and then some. I would highly recommend Tomer to any of my friends that is trying to get the most for their budget.

Alex - 06/02/2011

Tomer did a fantastic job in finding me an apartment. It was a long and arduous process over two months, but he didn''t give up and found me what I was looking for. He listened to my concerns and truly understood what I was looking for in a home. I definitely know that I will turn to him the next time I need to move!

- 05/31/2011

I wanted to reach out and acknowledge Tomer as a fantastic agent to work with. He was very direct with me about the terms of the apartment I am renting, did not pressure me into anything I wasn''t comfortable with, and was a helpful liasion between myself and the management company. I would reccomend Tomer in a heartbeat, and wanted to ensure the message made its way to the appropriate parties. Best,

Leslie - 05/27/2011

I''m taking a moment to reach out to you with regards to Tomer Meir. I wanted to just say he was very helpful in finding us an apartment. We gave him the parameters and he found us a place at our first meeting. He was helpful and straight with us through the whole process. Thanks,

Phil & Jen - 05/02/2011

Hello and Happy New Year! I wanted to take a few moments of your time to inform you to the amazing experience we recently had with Tomer Meir and your company. In the midst of a whirlwind weekend of meeting with several brokers to look at apartments, we were completely disheartened by the terrible listings, astronomical fees and lacking service from the brokers we were working with… and then we met Tomer. I happened to log onto Craigslist to search apartment listings where we saw an interesting one posted by Tomer/Caliber and sent him an email; he responded immediately and we met up that day. He proceeded to show us one fantastic listing after another; apartments that were at least 10X the quality we had seen in our price range with any of the much larger brokerage houses. Tomer was 100% available to us and got into buildings long after other agents were no longer able or wanted to show. He listened to our requirements carefully and honed in on our likes and dislikes quickly, showing us only worthwhile apartments that made the most of our precious time. We saw so many great apartments with Caliber that the only problem we had was choosing which one! Within only 2 days of meeting Tomer, he found us the perfect apartment; that’s no easy task in this city. Tomer even met up and stayed with us throughout our entire lease signing; from beginning to end the whole experience was an absolute pleasure. Also refreshing and impressive was that the brokers fee charged by Caliber is far less then most other brokers, we got the attention expected from a boutique firm without the high cost one typically associates with that level of service. Frankly, I never thought I would be able to use the words "wonderful" and "broker" in the same sentence but Tomer proved the two went together hand in hand. I have already referred him to several colleagues and friends who are looking to rent/buy in NYC so they too can have the same incredible and successful experience. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Thank you for helping us find our new home, we love it!

Jessica & Mark. - 01/03/2011