My roommate and I are extremely happy to have worked with Kosta Blyznakov. Upon an initial phone call to discuss our expectations and preferences, he provided us with an excellent, spot-on list of apartments to look at. During the showings, he was incredibly knowledgable, experienced, prepared, asking questions/ pointing out details that we might''ve missed otherwise. We felt very at ease working with him because he understood exactly what we were looking for and guided us in the right direction. He was very helpful throughout the whole process with quick responses every time we had a question, as well as providing such an efficient application process due to his good relationships with the building management. He was very professional, honest, and there to help you get the right apartment for you. It was such a pleasure to work with Kosta and I would recommend him to anyone looking for apartments in NYC.

- 11/20/2019

This review is for Kosta Blyznakov with Spire Group. Kosta was so helpful in assisting my roommate and I in finding our first apartment to rent in Manhattan. He was a pleasure to work with, is extremely personable and communicative. Throughout the entire process, he consistently updated us in a prompt manner, as well as took the time to truly understand what we were looking for and where we would be happy. Despite our very specific and discerning search criteria, Kosta was able to set up showings for several buildings that enabled us to compare each and every option within our budget — and made us feel more confident in the choice we were making. Kosta was extremely knowledgeable about the subtleties between every building, including those which allow for full flex walls, and which don’t, which otherwise would have been quite a time-consuming challenge to figure out on our own. Due to his strong relationship with several buildings, he was able to streamline the application process with the unit we chose and inform us of additional information etc. by connecting with his contacts directly. We are so happy he assisted in our search and are so excited about our new apartment. Will certainly return to him the next time we are moving, and refer our friends as well.

- 11/20/2019

Kosta went above and beyond showing us apartments around Manhattan. We only had an appointment to see one unit, but he took us to many different apartments and walked us through the process. He was a great help in this stressful situation. Would highly recommend!

- 07/11/2019

This review is for Dan and Kosta with Spire Group: They we''re both so attentive, kind, and reassuring throughout the process of finding the right home for us in NYC. I would 10/10 recommend these two, they are a great pair!

Connie - 06/12/2019

My roommates and I worked with Kosta and he was a pleasure to work with. He was extremely nice, patient, helpful and professional throughout the whole experience. He helped us get new appliances in the apartment and helped us secure the apartments without guarantors. He is great, highly recommend!

Addie - 06/06/2019

This review is for Kosta, he is an extremely nice and patient realtor who went through the whole process with us. He responds to emails almost immediately and always answers your questions. I would definitely recommend him!

Helen - 04/05/2019

This review is for Kosta Blyznakov with Spire Group Kosta is a fantastic realtor who knows the ins and outs of New York City Real Estate. He is very experienced about housing plans, buildings and prices but he is very considerate of what the people he is helping want in a place. We were able to lock down an amazing apartment well within our budget with more than our basic needs and Kosta was so patient throughout the process. It often seemed like he was there for the applicants first and for his own business second. Highly recommend reaching out to Kosta if you are looking for a place in NYC.

Rikin - 11/27/2018

This review is for Kosta Blyznakov and Dan Ivanov with Spire Group. I was incredibly impressed & satisfied with Kosta''s dedication to help us find the perfect apartment. Whether it was respecting our requests, criteria, budget, or continuing to communicate with management through completion of lease Kosta is everything you can ask for in an Agent. This is my first move to NY & Kosta helped make it as simple as moving from a different state can be. He was honest with us & also willing to take a phone call at any point of the day. We really respect Kosta & Dan''s work ethic, and will work with them for future housing in NY.

Josh - 10/26/2018

This review is for Kosta Blyznakov and Dan Ivanov with Spire Group. I can''t say enough to express how wonderful working with Kosta and Dan was! Their professionalism and work ethic are impeccable. I felt that my housing needs and wants were at the top of their priority list and was amazed by the amount of properties they were able to show me in my budget with my extensive list of wants! They helped me find the PERFECT apartment as if by magic! Looking for an apartment in NYC is not easy, yet working with Kosta and Dan took the pressure off of me, which is such a blessing while being busy with work. Being from California, the NYC real estate market has been confusing to me, but Kosta and Dan took the time to patiently explain things to me whenever I had confusion. They not only found me the perfect apartment, but worked with building management on my behalf for any extensions in the application I needed to get all of my documents together. For any future housing needs, I will work exclusively with Kosta and Dan. Thank you to you both for your hard work!

Jessica - 10/23/2018

This review is for Kosta Blyznakov: Kosta helped us navigate our apartment search with ease, answering dozens of our own questions and acting as an amazing advocate for our while dealing with leasing agents and other parties involved. From the first day of our search to our actual move in day Kosta was available 24/7 to guide us through this daunting process. He was incredibly kind, patient, understanding and most importantly, professional. We were referred to Kosta by a friend and have since recommended him to several others. We absolutely love the apartment and building that we are in, but know that when it comes to finding our next apartment Kosta is the only broker we will use.

NIcole - 10/23/2018

Kosta helped us navigate our apartment search with ease, answering dozens of our own questions and acting as an amazing advocate for our while dealing with leasing agents and other parties involved. From the first day of our search to our actual move in day Kosta was available 24/7 to guide us through this daunting process. He was incredibly kind, patient, understanding and most importantly, professional. We were referred to Kosta by a friend and have since recommended him to several others. We absolutely love the apartment and building that we are in, but know that when it comes to finding our next apartment Kosta is the only broker we will use.

Nicole Bunder - 10/23/2018

Kosta was amazing! For the past two months, my roommates and I have been searching in NYC for an apartment and it was beyond an arduous ordeal. After meeting Kosta, he showed me and few places that didn't really work for us. He then got back to me a few days later saying he had the perfect place in mind for me, and he was right!! Totally perfect and we just signed the lease. He was great with contacting the leasing office for us and just facilitated the process. Thanks so much!! We're super happy

Caileigh - 10/22/2018

This review is for Kosta Blyznakov with Spire Group Spire Yelp. Kosta was beyond helpful and a pleasure to work with - I genuinely think we would still be looking for an apartment if not for him! He stayed within our budget and showed us a large variety of apartments, all the while being incredibly patient, kind and honest. We found our perfect apartment and couldn''t be more appreciative! Thank you SO so much Kosta! 10/10 would (and will) recommend working with him to anyone!

Sarah H - 10/08/2018

I was very pleased to work with Kosta Blizhnikov, who assisted me first to rent an apartment two years ago, than to buy a condo in Long Island City. He is very knowledgeable about the area, showed a lot of places, gave his recommendations, and was very helpful through the whole process. He was available 24/7, always answered phone calls and e-mails. He helped me with a lot of other things, such finding the painters for my new place . I would recommend Kosta without hesitation as an excellent broker.

- 03/06/2017

Spire group doesn't just help browse apartments with you, they help you find your new home. Just graduating from college and moving to NYC, I was relieved to find a realtor that cared so much about me. Yes, me... I met with several realtors all week and Kosta was the only realtor we met that we saw several more times because of his friendly, caring nature. He asked us questions that showed he just wanted us to be happy with our decision, not just sell us an apartment. I recommend using Spire Group, especially Kosta!!! New York apartment hunting can be intimidating but not with Kosta helping you out along the way. There is nobody I would even think of using instead.

- 06/30/2015

I recently had the pleasure of working with Kosta Blyznakov from Spire. He was very prompt in responding to phone calls and setting up apt. showings. He listened to our requirements and found apts. matching those features. I was trying not to use a broker but I am glad I did. Kosta brought us to a beautiful apartment with no fee. He was extremely knowledgeable in helping us negotiate with the leasing agent. I highly recommend working with Kosta.

Peggy P - 08/18/2014

Ask for Kosta Blyznakov. Best broker I have ever worked with. Our first apt we applied for actually didn''t work out. They asked for a very high deposit. Regardless of passing on this apt Kosta still gave us 100% to keep looking for an apt that fit our budget and needs. I''ve also never worked with someone so dedicated to the area he is showing and passionate about the area. Kosta showed us all local attractions and living needs in Our new neighborhood. Not only was looking for an apt with him enjoyable but also informational. I''ve never felt so much dedication from a broker. I recommend Kosta to anyone looking for an apt he will be dedicated to find you the perfect home. Best of luck!

Elle - 08/04/2014

Recently signed a lease with the help of Spire Group and couldn''t be happier with the place I found thanks to working with Kosta Blyznakov and Staci Reed! The BEST broker experience I have had in New York and trust me I know how hard it is finding an apartment in this city, (not to mention stressful) but KOSTA made it easy, relaxing, and surprisingly a lot of fun! Great guy to work with.down to earth, honest, with your best interests at heart. He went above and beyond to find me tons of options in my price range in several different neighborhoods of Manhattan (I''m indecisive) until finally we got the dream place! And that only took one week to find and I was sold on it right away. He was very patient with me and able to meet with me anytime I was available, which made the whole experience super convenient and easy breezy. I will definitely work with him again in the future (even though I love this place so much I may never move!) but I strongly recommend him to anyone in search of a place. Thanks Kosta!

Stephanie M. - 12/06/2013

I would highly recommend Agent Kosta Blyznakov to help in your apartment search. He is professional and very responsive. One of the first comments he made was that he was going to be there for us - night or day until we find a new home. If I had a question for him and he didn''t know the answer - he would find out immediately and would email me with the response. He sent recaps and updated me and my roommates through the entire move in process from start to finish. If we didn''t agree upon something with the building- he acted on your behalf to make sure you were in the right, there was no question left unanswered. Kosta was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend him in your apartment search.

Marissa C. - 12/06/2013

My mother and I worked with Kosta Blyznakov on finding my first apartment in the city. He was an absolute pleasure and took us all over to make sure I was happy with my decision. He stayed late at the leasing office working with us even though he didn''t need to. He continued to follow up with my mom, my roommate, the leasing agent, and myself over the next few days to make sure everything had worked out with the lease. I would definitely recommend working with Kosta, he really cares that you find a place you love. He is extremely knowledgeable of Manhattan and has a lot of advice and tips to share with his clients. Definitely recommend!

Lauren W. - 12/06/2013

Kosta Blyznakov. The guy did a great job. My roommate and I had a bit of trouble with the building management not accepting our application, Kosta promised to work it out with them, and he did it. The man lived up to his word and you cannot complain about that. He was very patient, informative, and reachable - he was always a text/email/phone call away. He earned my recommendation

Michael S. - 12/06/2013

I worked with Kosta on finding an apartment in Long Island City for myself and a roommate. Having dealt with a lot of brokers in New York I would rate Kosta as the best I have experienced and would recommend him to anyone looking for property. From the outset Kosta made us feel at ease and I genuinely got the impression that he would not be happy unless we were also. He was thorough, specific, professional, available, detailed and honest and helped us to find an outstanding property in under three days that fit all our exact specifications. Kosta had a detailed understanding of all the properties he showed us, and listened to our needs to ensure we only saw apartments that were within our parameters. He also had a personal relationship with the management offices in these companies which I guess is down to his friendly personality. Kosta was able to negotiate more favorable rates and amenities for us which was a great added bonus at the end. For anyone looking to rent property in New York I would advise you to get in contact with this man. An outstanding broker and a genuinely decent person with a tremendous passion for his job and the client.

Ciaran B. - 12/06/2013

Recently moved into a new place with some friends thanks mostly to our great broker - Kosta. We have all had run-ins of some description with NYC brokers but I can honestly say that Kosta made the whole process more than easy. He had a great local knowledge of the local area, knew the pros and cons of the buildings we looked at and genuinely had our best interests in mind. He worked his hardest to get the best deal possible and never put any pressure on us. Thanks to Kosta I can’t imagine our move going any smoother. If you are looking for an apartment in the city or LIC you should link up with Kosta.

Sennin F. - 12/06/2013

Kosta Blyznakov found me an amazing apartment in Long Island City with a skyline view without a pesky management fee. He was very professional and knowledgeable about the area. I did not have to waste much time either he was able to show me around 10 apartments in my target buildings in one afternoon. I felt that Kosta had my best interest in mind when showing me the apartments. He was very responsive to my phone calls or email inquiries.

John F. - 12/06/2013

Kosta Blyznakov did a fantastic job in helping me (23-year old professional) and my two roommates (both 23-year old professionals) find an apartment in Manhattan. We were unsure of what we wanted at first, and narrowed our target list down over time. Throughout the entire process, Kosta was very flexible. We were comfortable contacting him at any time. He always had a pipeline of apartments for us to see, and kept us updated on the availability of our preferred locations along the way. Through his and Spire''s service, we now live in a three-bedroom apartment in the Upper East Side, and are very happy with it. Would recommend Kosta to anyone looking for a new apartment in the city

Marco P. - 12/06/2013

Kosta blyznakov helped my sister & I to find a great apartment in exactly our price range. He worked with the management company to get our preferred move in date as well. Kosta was a pleasure to work with & we are more than pleased in our new apartment

Sarah J. - 12/06/2013

Work with SPIRE and ask for KOSTA! I moved to NYC from Texas and was completely overwhelmed when I got here. I went through a dozen pushy and deceitful brokers before I found this place. I worked with KOSTA and he is AMAZING!! My rommies and I wanted a 3 bd, no fee, wall already built apt in midtown for cheap cheap cheap.. Basically, we wanted what''s practically impossible to find in NYC but Kosta found it for us! He was never pushy or rude and always seemed to have our best interest in mind. He was so patient and didn''t mind working with 3 women. I have already recommended him to 2 of my friends moving up here.

Olivia T. - 12/06/2013