An architect shares his vision for a reasonably priced Carnegie Hill maisonette makeover

November 7, 2016 | by Leah Hochbaum Rosner
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According to Halstead broker Brian Lewis, the best thing about this $499,000 Carnegie Hill fixer-upper at 4 East 95th Street is also the worst thing about it: “You have the ability to create your own dream home from scratch here. But you also have to create your own dream home from scratch here. It needs a full gut-renovation. I find that exciting, but others find it daunting.” Brooklyn-based architect Ben Herzog doesn't necessarily think a full restart is necessary for the space, saying that he thinks that many aspects of the maisonette can actually be preserved (“the floors, for example”) to save both time and money. Here, Herzog outlines what he’d do to revamp this ground-floor space. His recommendations: The liv... Read More

What kind of renovations do—and don't—require co-op board approval?

August 30, 2016 | by Virginia K. Smith
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QUESTION I just bought a co-op, and want to make some changes to my apartment. (Painting, adding a new toilet, changing the bathroom tile, etc.). How do I know which kind of updates I need the board's blessing for, and which ones I don't? ANSWER While certain cosmetic upgrades like painting may not require board permission, policies vary depending on the building, and it's wise to check in with the management before moving forward with the kind of plans you describe, say our experts. "Don’t think that just because you’ve paid dearly for your co-op apartment, you can make changes to your home as you wish without checking with the board," says Compass agent Shirley Hackel. "Alteration guidelines vary from buil... Read More