NYC's Best Neighborhoods for Dogs and Their Owners

February 20, 2017 | by Mariela Quintana
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Major sporting events come and go in NYC without much fanfare. The Major League Baseball All-Star Game or Kentucky Derby — who cares? Not much fazes the cynical spirit of New Yorkers. But when it comes to dogs, watch out. Yep, for all our disinterest and apathy, nothing melts our hearts more than the Westminster Dog Show, which will be taking over Madison Square Garden this weekend. There’s something about the earnestness of the dogs trotting around in concentric circles, the gravity of their loyal masters and, of course, the pure puppy zeal of the winning pooch that just gets us. Dogs! New Yorkers love their dogs dearly, but the city can be a challenging environment to raise one. To assist all the dedicated dog owners out there, StreetEasy ha... Read More

How to prepare the family (and yourself) for a move

August 30, 2016 | by Lucy Cohen Blatter
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Moving is notoriously stressful even if you're going it alone. Add a family, and it can become downright traumatic. As a parent, leaving the apartment where your child came home from the hospital, or learned to walk, lost their first tooth, and crossed off plenty other important milestones can feel like abandoning a little bit of your parenting past. And for a child, the transition can feel jarring. In my own personal experience, I've learned to leave young kids out of the home search process. They're distracting, demanding and tend toward tantrums. If at all possible, I always go look at apartments without mine in tow. But once you find a new place (apartment or house as the case may be), there are certain tactics you can follow to make th... Read More

Playrooms That Are More Frank Gehry Than Fisher-Price

July 18, 2016 | by Matt A.V. Chaban
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In his dozen years in real estate, J.P. Forbes has heard the same question, time and again, from clients with children. “It’s always: ‘What’s your nearest park? What’s your nearest playground?’” Mr. Forbes said by phone last week from the Kent, a new 23-story condominium tower on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Mr. Forbes, at the corner of 95th Street and Third Avenue, could simply respond: Why, just a block north, at the Marx Brothers playground. Instead, he can do one better. “We tell them the park is right here,” Mr. Forbes, the sales director for Extell Development, said. “We brought the park indoors.” On the third floor, in the kind of two-story space once reserved for a ballro... Read More