Playrooms That Are More Frank Gehry Than Fisher-Price

July 18, 2016 | by Matt A.V. Chaban
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In his dozen years in real estate, J.P. Forbes has heard the same question, time and again, from clients with children. “It’s always: ‘What’s your nearest park? What’s your nearest playground?’” Mr. Forbes said by phone last week from the Kent, a new 23-story condominium tower on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Mr. Forbes, at the corner of 95th Street and Third Avenue, could simply respond: Why, just a block north, at the Marx Brothers playground. Instead, he can do one better. “We tell them the park is right here,” Mr. Forbes, the sales director for Extell Development, said. “We brought the park indoors.” On the third floor, in the kind of two-story space once reserved for a ballro... Read More