Spring real estate selling trends

April 17, 2019 | by Lisa Roberts
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After more than a decade of the same “seller-friendly vs. anti-buyer” state of real estate affairs in NYC, 2018 brought in a new twist. Assumptions like: buyers always show up, sellers always make money, and renters never have leverage… are no longer valid. And as spring real estate selling trends in NYC would have it, this will continue to go on. With well over 20,000 properties up for sale or rent in the Big Apple, the scales are shifting in favor of the buyers and renters. Spire Real Estate explores just how this overall change is affecting the spring housing trends. What is the current situation on the market? According to various real estate experts and companies, the current situation works in favor of buyers... Read More

A New Neighborhood in New York - Neighborhood of the Future

March 19, 2019 | by SPIRE Group
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Hudson Yards is a huge development project, perhaps the largest in the entire U.S. history. Situated somewhat north of Chelsea and due west of Midtown, Hudson Yards is built on platforms that are over current railways, truly a marvel of engineering! This new neighborhood in New York is perhaps best described as a small city, with its 16 skyscrapers and an area that spans over a few million square feet. The full project is planned to contain thousands of offices, luxury apartments, and retail spaces combined. There are already some shops and restaurants open, however, and are ready for business. A New Neighborhood in New York - Neighborhood of the Future Hudson Yards is truly designed as a neighborhood of the future. With more than $... Read More