New: Search for Apartments Near Second Avenue Subway

January 23, 2017 | by Mariela Quintana
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For many weary, commute-harried New Yorkers, the newly opened Second Avenue subway line has been met with overwhelming positivity and warmth – a rare reception for this time of year in the city. According to Curbed, “The Second Avenue Subway Wows Commuters;” The New York Times calls it “a train dream come true” and Wired exhorts its readers to “Step Into the Comfiness of the Second Avenue Subway (Yes, Comfiness.)” Search for listings near the new line In anticipation of Second Avenue subway’s opening, last November we released a comprehensive study the impact the new line will have on the rental market around Second Avenue. In addition, we updated our site’s search functionality so buyers and renters ... Read More

Rents and the Second Avenue Subway

January 9, 2017 | by Michael Kolomatsky
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First proposed nearly a century ago, the Second Avenue subway, or at least a portion of it between 63rd and 96th Streets, is finally scheduled to be up and running in the new year. An extension of the Q line will add new stations at 72nd, 86th and 96th Streets. One might expect that a decade of noisy construction would have kept rents down along this stretch of Second Avenue, but a recent study by StreetEasy indicates otherwise. Source: StreetEasy The New York Times While rents for homes on and near Second Avenue still lag behind those on and near First and Third Avenues, in the last five years they’ve gone up at a greater rate than those on and near the neighboring avenues. The results were calculated using median rents along each avenue ... Read More

Changing Grid: Second Avenue Subway and Its Impact on Rental Costs

December 8, 2016 | by Mariela Quintana
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(Source: MTA via Flickr Creative Commons) The Second Avenue subway looms large in the city’s collective consciousness. The decades-in-the-making infrastructure project has become synonymous with setbacks and delays. It has attracted the fascination and loyalty of transportation engineering wonks across the city, served as the subject of thousands of elementary school reports and inspired countless memes and metaphors expressing failure and frustration. The planned Dec. 31, 2016 opening of the first phase stands not as a culmination, but rather a first step towards a modified realization of the decades-old project. Already this projected opening date is proving tentative as recent reports have suggested further delays. In this study, we take a... Read More

Is the 7 train the new L? A report says that Queens may soon see a development boom

September 12, 2016 | by Alanna Schubach
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If you live along the 7 train line, keep an eye out for an invasion of upscale barbershops and artisanal honey stores: A report from real estate services firm Ariel Property Advisors forecasts that Queens neighborhoods may be getting the Williamsburg treatment. It says areas like Sunnyside, Woodside, and Jackson Heights could soon see development booms reminiscent of the ones along Brooklyn’s L train corridor. According to the report, a confluence of factors will send more New Yorkers on the hunt for affordability into Queens, where the 7 train—routinely rated the city’s best subway line by the Straphangers Campaign for its speed and cleanliness—provides a quick route into midtown Manhattan. By analyzing MTA data, the report&rsquo... Read More

L Train Service Between Brooklyn & Manhattan May Be Shut Down For Years

January 18, 2016 | by Christopher Robbins
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Governor Cuomo’s announcement last week that 30 subway stations would be completely closed for months at a time in order to properly “revamp” them was greeted with groans by riders. But a disruption of epic proportions potentially looms for New Yorkers who rely on the L train to get in and out of Manhattan. Like the R train’s Montague Tube, the L train’s Canarsie Tube was flooded with saltwater and severely damaged during Hurricane Sandy. The Montague Tube was shut down and repaired in 13 months—one month and $58 million under budget—while riders found other ways to get to work. The project to repair the Canarsie Tube is projected to take three years, and the MTA is considering shutting down service between Man... Read More

8 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Second Avenue Subway

April 27, 2014 | by Damon Young
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The long awaited ‘T’ line is nearly here, coming to the aid of cramped commuters and property owners on Manhattan’s far-east side as early as December 2016. But there are some things we may have overlooked while celebrating the stunning new progress photos. The finished product will be a major departure from past design and may take some getting used to. We’ll enjoy plenty of high-tech upgrades, but perhaps at a cost for some. Here are 8 interesting things about the new ‘T’ line that just might surprise you: 1. It is very far underground - 8 stories in fact. We'll see steep, modern escalators that evoke London or Washington D.C. transit, rather than the gritty, artsy 'just below the surface' character t... Read More