Seller's Guide

We’re experts in delivering the highest price in the shortest timeframe with seamless, personalized service. In our Seller's Guide you will find valuable reference materials that every seller should have, including:


• Step-by-Step Checklist
• Seller Tips
• Closing Costs
• Partner Information
• Glossary 

Seller Tips

1. About Pricing - The Most Important Tip You’ll Ever Get!

Nothing is more essential to the successful sale of your property than strategic pricing. Generating the highest possible price in the shortest timeframe with the least hassle is more science than art. Beware of high-pricing strategies used to win your business that routinely under deliver and can in fact keep your property on the market indefinitely. Instead, set the amount at or just slightly below market value to beat the competition, generate foot traffic, spur competitive bids, and get you the top results you deserve.

2. Disconnect Your Emotions

The beautiful handmade dollhouse in your den is surely a treasure – but not for buyers. You must de-personalize your home to the point of anonymity. Buyers need to envision their potential home, not yours. A blank canvas is the only effective way to accomplish this. Buyers will instinctively fill the space with ideas that make their own hearts sing. De-clutter your space and remove all photos and knick-knacks that remind prospects this house currently belongs to someone else.

3. Renovations That Work

If you only upgrade one thing in your home ... paint the walls. Nothing positively effects buyer perception as much as a clean coat of neutral paint (linen white or beige). This relatively low-cost investment creates an impression of grander space, brightness, and cleanliness that pays you back tenfold. Not far behind are flooring and cabinetry. When items visible to the naked eye appear worn, it only invites concern that built-in construction like plumbing and electricity are in poor condition. Make their first impression the right one. Whichever improvements you take on, keep all payment receipts, as these augment the value of your home.


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