Jack was great. He was extremely knowledgeable and very prompt in replying to my requests. I gave him a list of my “must haves”, and he found me 10 apartments that met my needs. I messaged him on a Friday evening, Saturday morning we were looking at apartments and I had a lease signed by Saturday night! I would highly recommend Jack to anyone searching for an apartment in NYC!

- 01/14/2020

My roommate and I are extremely happy to have worked with Kosta Blyznakov. Upon an initial phone call to discuss our expectations and preferences, he provided us with an excellent, spot-on list of apartments to look at. During the showings, he was incredibly knowledgable, experienced, prepared, asking questions/ pointing out details that we might''ve missed otherwise. We felt very at ease working with him because he understood exactly what we were looking for and guided us in the right direction. He was very helpful throughout the whole process with quick responses every time we had a question, as well as providing such an efficient application process due to his good relationships with the building management. He was very professional, honest, and there to help you get the right apartment for you. It was such a pleasure to work with Kosta and I would recommend him to anyone looking for apartments in NYC.

- 11/20/2019

When you search for a realtor to help you find the perfect place to call home, we all want someone experienced, attentive, efficient, and who will get the best deal. Elisabeth Foriel is all of this and more. She helped me and my husband find a rental unit upon relocation to NY from CA and subsequently was our foyer into the home buying market in NY. Her attention to detail and particularity ensures you will be shown places that meet all your criteria and won''t have your time wasted in the process. I was most impressed when shortly after we met, she was carefully observing what we liked and did not like as we saw units and was able to quickly shift plans and recommend the perfect places to see that matched our style. Once we had selected a place, we experienced her other best skill of representing us to get the best deal and options for our money. She knows all the ins and outs of the real estate market and will always suggest clever solutions to meet your needs. Look no further for the perfect person to work with to find your home. She knows NYC like the back of her hand and will put an outstanding effort into finding the perfect next home for you. Classy and elegant, Elisabeth Foriel is one of a kind, and we will always be thankful to her!

- 11/07/2019

I''m so glad and thankful that I met Spas. It''s so easy going with him , he''s very patient, honest and responsible to his clients and their needs. In such of short time he''s responding to all of my emails and text messages full of questions and worries about my new apartment- my new home . Highly recommend my agent.

- 10/02/2019

Geraldine was an absolute pleasure to work with. From beginning to end, she was attentive and listened carefully to my wants and needs. I was especially impressed with her ability to gently temper my expectations to account for market conditions. I greatly appreciated her diligence and persistence, working around my challenging schedule with patience and professionalism. I am confident in her ability to assist anyone I send her way, and would enthusiastically recommend her to anyone I know.

- 09/09/2019

This review is for Brett Tartarkin. He was excellent in helping me decide on and secure my first apartment in the upper east side. He put me at ease during the showing and answered all my questions. He was thorough in explaining the application process, very responsive during it, and dealt with some difficulty from my past landlord with patience and understanding. He truly went above and beyond to make this a smooth and welcoming transition. Would 100% recommend Brett and his services!

- 09/09/2019

Gabby was phenomenal. Professional, kind, and consistently went the extra mile to address any issues / questions we had (was able to get us an extension on our move-out date with a single call). I cannot recommend her highly enough - best realtor I have ever had the privilege of working with.

- 08/02/2019

Martina and her team helped us view and apply to a new apartment recently. Her attention to detail and quick helpful responses made all the difference in the normally tedious process that is moving to a new home. She went above and beyond at every turn making us feel so at ease and in good hands. We''re so very glad she and her team were apart of our experience and highly recommend them!!

- 07/16/2019

I worked with Fabian and he was amazing. I was a nervous first time homebuyer and he was so reassuring and helpful. He got me my perfect apartment at a good price. I’d definitely recommend him to everyone!

- 06/13/2019

Fabian and Olena are expert realtors and skilled negotiators, they are extremely responsive via phone and text and they worked tirelessly to set up many viewings in a short amount of time as we had a deadline for purchasing. More importantly, they are patient and truly kind people, traits which are a rarity in the Real Estate profession. They helped us with a complicated purchase and were pivotal in securing an elusive property under time contraints. We are very happy to have worked with them and would definitely work with them in the future

- 06/13/2019

This review is for Dan and Kosta with Spire Group: They we''re both so attentive, kind, and reassuring throughout the process of finding the right home for us in NYC. I would 10/10 recommend these two, they are a great pair!

Connie - 06/12/2019

Kiran is probably the best broker I''ve worked with. He went above and beyond when showing us the place. He''s rented to others in my building, and keeps on good enough terms with them that they were happy to show us their places so we could get an idea of what can be done with the space. That really helped my roommate and make the decision, and is something I''ve never seen another broker do.

Graham - 03/27/2019

Let me tell you about Chezi Zarur! He is the most helpful, professional and efficient person I met in real estate. He is taking you seriously and helping you in finding what you really need! Since he found my apartment (which I LOVE) I can''t stop recommending him to my friends and I know they won''t be disappointed.

- 03/12/2019

Elsa continuously went above and beyond all expectations. Seamlessly helped myself and 2 roommates find the perfect new apartment in Brooklyn with great amenities and in such a convenient location. She knew all the ins and outs for navigating the often chaotic world of finding an apartment in NYC. Such a pleasure getting to know her throughout the process and would 100% recommend Elsa to others looking for apartments in the city. Thank you so much!!

- 03/01/2019

This review is for Jason Zwillman. Jason showed me a few apartments and I highly recommend him. He was always calm, professional, honest and helpful. He was never pushy and never tried to convince me to take any apartment that was not a good fit. He listened to was I was looking for and took the time to understand my needs. He was a pleasure to deal with and came across as honest person. I wish more real estate brokers were like him

E.J - 02/22/2019

Monika is an incredible real estate broker! Working with her is a one of a kind experience that I would recommend to absolutely everyone. She understood my needs, she never pressured me and she was always available for any questions I might have regarding the market. She is a special soul who is able to really connect with her clients and that is why I will work with her again and again in the future!

Maria - 02/05/2019

Larry Mackler Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker | Licensed as Lawrence Mackler 917-617-3266

View all of Larry's testimonials

Larry was so nice to work with - he was knowledgeable, and accommodating to our needs - showing us properties that matched our need and budget and sharing insights about the NYC area markets. He is a delight to work with - but if there were one thing I could say stood out about Larry it would be that it appeared he really cared about getting the right fit for the client, and wow, that''s really great in an industry that''s so often about the deal and not the person. I would recommend working with Larry if you''re coming to NYC on a budget, looking to get the most bang for your buck!

CAROLINE WILSON - 01/10/2019

Tomer was absolutely amazing. I worked with some other brokers at the same time and Tomer was the only one who actually showed me Apartments in my budget that i realy liked. He was very pleasant and honest and did not pressure me for one minute!! I''m definitely going to recommend him for my friends and I''m positive he will do his best to find them the perfect apartment!!!!!!!

Oron - 11/15/2018

Peter and his team were great to work with. They were not only knowledgeable about the are, but also attentive to my wants and needs. Peter was always prepared and helped me find a great apartment in no time. I''ll definitely be recommending Peter and will be using their services the next time I''m looking for a place! Thanks Peter!

Ashlee - 10/23/2018

It was an absolute pleasure working with Bianka on the sale of our apartment in Manhattan. She consistently provided excellent guidance and advice and exuded a level of patience that could calm the most worrisome of sellers. Bianka was and is extremely knowledgeable about the market, area and other professionals within the field. We trusted her completely throughout this process and she was extremely professional, personable, honest and diligent. Anyone would be lucky to work with Bianka

- 10/12/2018

Amelia Sargent kills it from beginning to end. Cant say enough great things about her. From the second I reached out to her to the second I got my keys she was nothing but professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Don''t look any further, Amelia is the person to work with!

Ajay - 09/21/2018

If you are lucky enough to be reading this review, it means you have somehow stumbled upon the single best real estate broker Manhattan will ever see. This woman was seriously built for this job. She''s a hardcore hustler, no bullshit, straight from Russia, who has learned this market inside and out - & she takes her work very seriously – this woman worked tirelessly for me (late night after 10PM Saturday nights, Sundays during her “day off”, you name it, she’s full service - got your back). If a beloved home is what you''re looking for, Elizaveta will find you 3 of them and force you to choose. AND, she will hustle to get you the best price possible. She will not let you overpay a dime – believe me, I was willing to, & she would have absolutely none of it (tysm Elizaveta for being my knightess in shining armor!). & Keep in mind, she doesn’t need your business. You need hers. My story: I was first put in contact with Elizaveta by means of referral from one of my best friends who Liz had helped last year. Now, let me tell you, my friend was valedictorian in high school, went off to graduate Ivy league, and is well known for his smart frugality. If there''s a smart play to make, he''s already found it. He also currently lives in essentially the most beautiful, capacious, 1 br. apt. I have ever seen (even his prior place was a great deal - 2150 for a TRUE 1br on the 2nd floor - his wife just really wanted an upgrade with a doorman, which is why they left). The new place is massive. It’s a 1100 sq. ft. 1br in a nice doorman building. My friend tells me Elizaveta found it along with 4 other places he equally liked. They were all upgrades, none were “settling”. He tells me stories of how Elizaveta performed and assured me several times, “she is VERY good”. And believe me, this is the kind of man who’s judgement you trust. Anyhow you could understand how honored I was he would entrust me with such a savior when he saw the hell I was going through searching on my own. SHE WAS GOING TO DO IT FOR ME TOO!! Anyhow, I''m a paranoid person who trusts no one, needs triple confirmations, notarized signatures, promises sealed in blood, etc. (you get the idea). & I need everything completely cleared out of the back of my mind, leaving nothing to chance, otherwise I will not be able to sleep & all my hair will turn grey, & then it will all fall out. My lease was ending 8/1, however, due to my job, I can’t move during this time of the month. Also, I was traveling and the end of June and wouldn’t be around to search my face off the way I would have liked. Today’s date? Mid May, My plan? Download all the real estate apps, search endlessly with every waking moment I had to spare until I sign place for July, & have 2 apartments for 1 month, have all the time in the world to take care of my move leisurely & stress-free. & not just any place, but home. A home to treasure. I WILL NOT pay Manhattan rent just to effing settle (this is “still hopeful” me thinking… not yet, “omg, am I really going to have to move to Jersey?” me … believe it or not, that transformation only took one day of scouring the dregs of Manhattan real estate – my god that is depression, think it made my soul cry). I also clearly had no idea what I was doing, but at the same time, could not stop doing it. << I WAS A BROKER’S NIGHTMARE>> Anyhow, after way, WAY too many e-mails to Elizaveta, my heart sank into my socks. It had been nearly 30 seconds since my last e-mail and still no answer! Nooo!! I scared off my friend’s referral already & now I’m moving to Jersey!!! WHY COULDN’T I JUST BE A NORMAL HUMAN BEING AND SAY “Hello, are you able to help?” No, no … I couldn’t leave it that simple,I had to spill my whole life story, ranting on & on about everything she does not need to hear, and consequently scare off my only chance of Manhattan survival, as if I might have been bringing anything of value to the table in this equation, anyway (she later admitted, she wasn’t even sure if I was real) ::stupid, stupid, stupid, facepalm:: Then, all of a sudden, God reached down and touched me. The phone rings. My lungs stop working. I can hardly lift the phone to my ear. I nearly faint, but to the ear the phone goes... I’ll never forget that first time I heard the sound of that big, BEAUTIFUL, accent: “Hullo? Is this Mayhtt”. I almost jumped out of my clothes. It was HER… AND she agreed to HELP!!! After agreeing to assist with the move, Elizaveta then sternly instructed me to stop doing everything & anything I was doing – she even used CAPS LOCK... which was necessary. I was wasting my time looking for apartments in the end of May for a lease that wouldn’t be signed until July – which btw, Elizaveta was not happy at all about, the earliest she was initially even willing to entertain was 7/15. But I didn’t care. I was about to be homeless. In my mind, deals must pop up here and there… and wasting my time would totally be worth it, even if I saw 50 places first, finding none… if I could just be the lucky one to snatch up that 1, one-of-a-kind-deal!). Well, I quickly realized she was to be the Dom in this relationship if we were going to get me what I wanted. She gives me a homework assignment; go home and find pictures of each of the 10+ units I had already seen, & list exactly what I liked/disliked about them. I overzealously promised I’d have that to her by the evening – again, stupid. She then tells me, we will meet again Saturday, 6/2. Ok, breathe, breathe, wait, breathe. Got it. Then I spent hours combing through hundreds of e-mails and internet history compiling my homework assignment for Elizaveta. I realize halfway through, this isn’t just some exercise to keep me distracted from e-mailing her, but an exercise to help her learn my preferences without having to receive any more e-mails from me. Anyhow, 10PM hits and I’m still not done, but NOOOO WAY am I reneging on my very first promise to Elizaveta. Finally, I finish & fwd her my search history, along with 3 other prospective units I was considering seeing and why. The next day (Friday) Elizaveta calls ME, and says do you have any time today? I have something I’d like to show you this afternoon (we weren’t supposed to meet until Saturday). Exhilarated & caught off guard… I accept & go off to me meet my guardian angel for the very first time. I know better than to be late. I mean business, and Eilzaveta is going to know it! I arrive 15 minutes early and wait for her (to highlight my respect, I was early to every single meetup with Elizaveta throughout this entire procession - & you should too! Her time is more valuable than yours! She walks over to me, clipboard in hand. On the top of my clipboard she has my three prospective places from last night (clearly Elizaveta was doing late night home work of her own). She swings herself next to me so we can both read the clipboard legibly …. She grabs her pen and wildly slashes the first prospect, “Theees, Theeese is bullshit”. Again, another wild slash. “Theese owner is a liar, don’t waste your time”. A third & final wild slash with the great pen of legend. “Theese ees on the 1st floor & has been on market for over 40 days. Something is wrong”. My heart melts. She is in person just as she is in the myths. I AM going to find a place to call home! The remainder of the clipboard are other spots that she had found and wanted to show me. We go thru them all… & they are nice… but I am picky & am hopelessly romantic when it comes to things like this (I told the agent from the 2nd building Elizaveta & I met that day…and meant it… I rather have spent my entire life searching for love, having never found it, than settle once sometime along the way). Elizaveta silently takes note. We part ways and make plans to give it another go later on in the week. The very next day I was surprised to receive apartment pictures via text message and even a video of Elizaveta in a 34 st. apt. telling me she had made me “video for studio”. She even mentions my name, so I know the video tour was personalized just for me. This is great... I don’t even have to be there and she’s still working on my apt?! Awwwee yeaa! She literally takes of that which you don’t have the time or know-how to do yourself! All day continues, and we finally decide to meet up and see some good options… but still I am picky & nothing I LOVE. We part again and & soon as I go home I resume my online searching for prospective units to send Elizaveta for pen slashing. I find one that looks WAY TOO GOOD to be true, on the market only one day. A beautiful, spacious looking apt with a REAL BALCONY & in MY PRICE RANGE. Before I could even finish collecting the apt. specs/information. I get an updated that the apt has entered contract. NOOOO!!! That was THE ONE. I immediately take to the phone, texting Elizaveta as I pre-game for that Saturday evening. I send her a picture of the one that got away. I tell Elizaveta… THAT! That’s is what I truly want. I know not possible, but could you find me another THAT? If you can find me that, I’ll have no choice but to love you forever. (up until this point, I have been pretty quiet about the burning desire to have my own private balcony… I knew that would be a crazy fastidious pre-requisite that could very well bar me from awesome, keep-me-outta-Jersey deals that might rear their little studio heads. But deep down, I think I always knew that until I had my own Manhattan bachelor pad with my own private balcony, I would always still have unfinished business here… doomed to aimless wander the streets a living ghost until satiating this one, final desire... an emblematic seal of success, my own private balcony; “I’ve finally made it”… & then a text I will never forget rattles my phone… Elizaveta insta-texts me, “I know that building!! I’m calling super now”. I tell Elizaveta, if this works, she’s getting a big wet kiss directly on the lips when I see her. Elizaveta texts back, @ nearly 11 PM on Saturday night mind you, “They have an opening! Same unit! different floor!” …. ::O M G!:: ….Elizaveta is already going Bed, Bath, & Beyond the scope of what her job should entail. I have literally crossed the work/life balance line so many times, I’m am certain she is going to kill me at the end of this. THIS COULD BE IT. I know Sunday’s are usually her day off. I know I’m supposed to stop crossing the line… but I really have a feeling this is could be THE one and I CAN’T let it get away!!! Before I could think of the right thing to say, my sweetheart, Elizaveta, tells me we’re going to see it tomorrow, on Sunday, soon as able (like a true gladiator, didn’t wince at the thought of eating into her day off to show me that which could very well yield nothing – well Elizaveta, it did not go unnoticed, none of your efforts did). Anyhow, to make a short story long, the very next day Elizaveta walked me into my dream bachelor pad with its own private balcony & I have not shut up about it to anyone ever since! It is my pride and joy – a real gem amongst the real rough... as long as they don’t raise my rent, I may never leave! & then… great got even better. Elizaveta shoots me a text later after I had already said “YAS” (yes, we’re on personal, bit emoji, friend-texting-level status at this point) to let me know that I am getting a brand NEW kitchen put in! YAAASSSS (For me, it’s just for show as I don’t use the kitchen, but still, this impresses other ppl & I can dig that!). I find out later they’re redoing the bathroom as well! My god. OOHH MY GOD. You mean IM going to be one of those lucky people that finds the best apt ever that I can still afford and be peanut butter jelly of no one else’s apartment because mine is the freaking best there is?! Unreal. Well. Thx to Elizaveta I was able to go traveling without constantly checking my phone for apartment updates. My mind was finally at rest (sort of… apparently moving’s a bitch as well). She even had me submit the applications for the 7/15 (vs. 7/1 as it was listed), in order to save me some extra money. To the very last moment she was still hustling for me. And then, AND THEN, after ALL the hell I put her through the previous weeks… we’re about to part ways and it’s all the said and done (she could’ve popped me one in the nose and took off at this point)… THEN the savior calls me charming. CHARMING. My god. What a gal. Even after I had already signed, I was texting her on advice of how to set up the apt. Surely she no long had any duty to help me with anything further at this point… but that’s not how it is with Elizaveta. She’s just a natural born non-stop crusher. Tell her exactly what you want, and that’s what she will find. WILL NEVER USE ANYONE ELSE TO MOVE FOR AS LONG AS SHE’LL STILL HAVE ME. LOVE YOU ELIZAVETA!!!! & TYSM FOR HOME!

Matt - 06/26/2018

Victoria is a pleasure to work with. Before we had even met her in person, we knew she was going to be the one to help us find our apartment. Unlike other brokers, who did not pay attention to us or our requests, Victoria was extremely professional and emailed us pictures of property after property to view so that we could choose what we wanted to see and she could get a feel for what we were looking for. We had already seen several apartments before we met Victoria, but the first one she showed us hit the nail on the head. It was exactly what we were looking for. She cared about our requests and went above and beyond to make sure that each property we saw was something we’d like. I would highly recommend working with Victoria. Her knowledgeability and kind personality allows her to develop great relationships with building managers, giving her clients the first look at apartments. Her calming demeanor, professionalism and flexibility makes her a great fit for any client regardless of budget. She found an incredible apartment for my roommates and I and we are so excited! Thank you for everything, Victoria!

Colleen Naber - 06/07/2018

Irina is simply the best! I lived in NYC for a while and had to deal with all sorts of brokers but she’s the most professional. Irina was making herself available whenever needed to answer questions and move the process along. When an issue risen, she stepped up and provided a quick solution! I highly recommend her as your agent!

Ali S - 05/22/2018

Javier Cruz Licensed Real Estate Salesperson | Licensed as William Javier Cruz 347-654-8962

View all of Javier's testimonials

Javier is by far one of the best realtors you can work with. Everyone knows how stressful finding an apartment can be in NYC and he made it such an easy and stress free process for me, my roommates and my parents. I would highly recommend working with him if you ever need to find a nice apartment at an affordable price!

Madison Sivel - 05/21/2018

Yordan was awesome. He was friendly and went above and beyond to show me any units that fit my requirements. He is a hard worker and puts his clients at the forefront of his work. Although I did not go through with the apartment, I would definitely recommend Yordan!

Alexa - 05/07/2018

Rob MacPherson Licensed Real Estate Salesperson | Licensed as Robert MacPherson 917-445-7733

Rob helped us find apartments in the Upper West Side. He had access to several listings, many of which were exclusive. He was able to get a sense of what we were looking for quickly and helped us hone our search to find our ideal spot. Rob was great to work with. He''s direct and honest, which is such a "diamond in the rough" in the world of New York real-estate. He never felt "pushy," like other brokers, and it was clear that he wanted to help us find the apartment that was best for us. Highly recommend working with him!

Sean - 04/14/2018

"Incredibly helpful. Very thorough, Very easy to contact. Great guy!"

Alex Loschiavo - 03/20/2018

Josh Rich helped my daughter and I find a new rental when we were in need. His professionalism and commitment to serve helped us tremendously. It''s great to have competent real estate professionals in the field.

Myra Carter - 01/08/2018

I worked with Jared on the sale of my coop in Murray Hill. His local market knowledge helped create a listing that attracted a large number of bidders. Moreover, he is keen to market trends and ensured that my listing was appropriately priced to reflect its current value.

Gordon Hew - 12/04/2017

Maya replied to my inquiry right away, was very flexible in terms of scheduling an appointment, helped a great deal with information on available apartments in the area, and was able to address all of my follow-up questions. Overall, a very pleasant experience. Too bad, we didn''t end up renting an apartment through Maya; just a timing issue. You would not find a better agent in NYC!

Igor Chernomorskiy - 11/03/2017

Lazar was more than accommodating and wonderful to work with during our time with him. He returned our calls, texts, and emails promptly and communication was seamless. Without hesitation we will refer Lazar to anyone we come across that''s in search of a new home. His services are top notch and we couldn''t be more pleased with our apartment!

Heather - 09/05/2017

Jelena was a great agent, friendly and efficient! she found us the perfect place and only showed us exactly what we liked!

Klaas - 07/26/2017

Ori Moshe is an incredible broker! Highly recommended!!!

Eli Sklar - 07/11/2017

We have worked with Jimmy twice to rent our investment property and have been extremely pleased. Jimmy is proactive, sensitive and brings results. We are looking forward to working with him again in the future.

Oren Schneider - 07/05/2017

I worked with Ying Huang, from the Spire Group to find an apartment in Manhattan. She was fantastic!! I was newly self-employed so it was hard to prove high income and be accepted by general landlord requirements and Ying fought hard for me to get a place I love. She also helped me fine a beautiful place and move through the whole process in ONLY 2 days because she knew I was in a time crunch. I''ve never met a real estate person who is so warm, caring, AND competent, and her follow-through and work ethic is impeccable! I was so grateful to have met her and worked with her. My new apartment is perfect, and I almost can''t believe how lucky I got. I also know that I would have never landed in my new lovely home if it wasn''t for Ying''s advocating on my behalf! I would highly recommend her specifically and the whole group!!

Alison G - 06/19/2017

Jamie was a fantastic guide throughout our apartment search process. He was responsive, punctual and professional during our many appointments and phone calls. This was our first experience with apartment hunting in Manhattan having just relocated from the UK, and with Jamie''s guidance we were able to quickly find a great new home just 5 minutes from my new office!

Jubin C. - 05/17/2017

Mariana''s assisted me and my wife in getting an apartment that we liked in NY very quickly. By the time we were in NYC, she had all the appointment set up. She offered us apts we had not seen on any website, and all of them matched the criteria we ask her to look for (large closet, medium size dog, light, no noise, etc) She knows plenty of people in different buildings and makes for a swift apt hunting process. On our visit, we also had two other realtors but were very poor on their services. Mariana was excellent, highly recommended!

Eugenio V. - 04/13/2017

He was very professional, and organized in a timely manner and with incredible patience. We had several brokers reaching out for us and not one of them matched the personal dedication or service that Marin provided. I'll be personally recommending him to anyone I know that's moving to New York. Thank you Marin.

Marinel - 03/06/2017

To Whom It May Concern: Please accept this as a letter of recommendation for Josh Fields and the real estate firm which he works for, Spire Group. I have known Josh for more than 15 years. I originally met Josh playing softball and I saw him make the transition into the real estate industry soon after we met. I immediately noticed how hard working he was as he was always on the phone during games. Having helped several of the players on our team successfully purchase and sell property, I unwaveringly enlisted his services to help me sell my two bedroom, two bath coop apartment at 35 West 92nd Street, where I lived for more than 15 years. Josh advised me on how to best stage the apartment using the furniture I already had, which saved me from laying out money and also made me more money. He produced a beautiful and professional multi-page marketing show book which impressed prospective buyers. He held several open houses and showed by private appointment, and was able to procure multiple offers at and above the asking price. Josh negotiated a ''best and highest'' situation, and I ended up accepting the most qualified offer well over ask. Josh''s knowledge of the sales process was invaluable to me. He has an acute awareness of all of the details that needed to be handled to streamline the transaction and deliver optimal results. He was calm, professional, and a great negotiator. Most of all, I thoroughly enjoyed working with him as he is a great guy with tremendous integrity. This said, I highly recommend Josh Fields to help you with all of your real estate needs. Should you have any questions, please don''t hesitate to contact me by phone or email.

Jonathan Rosenberg - 04/18/2016

For those who may be thinking about selling their condo, I would HIGHLY recommend the expertise and services of real estate professional Nicole Rodriguez. Nicole was part of the original sales team that helped sell out the Oro as a CONDO and not let it fall victim to the rental trap you see all over downtown Brooklyn. Nicole has personal interest in the Oro unlike other realtors because she also owns a unit in the building. She helped my wife and I(first time homeowners) purchase our apartment and she helped us sell our apartment 5 1/2 years later. Nicole is extremely hard working, easy to talk to, and bottom line gets the job done. At any point of the day, if you have any questions, she responds almost immediately with well thought out solutions and research. Her track record speaks for herself. If you look at the last 3 1/2 years in the buildings resales, Nicole has gotten top dollar for each and every sale she's had. While I've seen some other agents diminish some of the value of these apartment lines, Nicole's resales have been beneficial to maintaining the price integrity of the building, helping everyone see a healthy return on their condo. She just recently put a remarkable sales pitch together that had our apartment in contract in less then 14 days. She sold our apartment(17B) above asking price and even constructed a separate deal in place to resale our storage unit separately. So if your looking for top dollar and also keeping the price integrity of the building in place, have a conversation with Nicole. She will definitely steer you in the right direction. Best wishes Oro, Devon and Shayna Simmonds

Devon and Shayna Simmonds - 01/20/2016

Eri is a genuine individual, who is really helpful and great at her job. She showed me an apartment that fit all my needs and more importantly her continued level of service was outstanding. Without Eri''s help, my apartment hunt and lease signing would not have been so easy. Eri comes highly recommended.

Client - 07/21/2015

Blaga is a great professional agent to work with. She made the process easy, smooth, and kept her client's best interest in mind. Additionally, I appreciated her responsiveness with any questions that I had throughout the process. I'd highly recommend her and would work with her again the future.

Lina G. - 06/21/2015

Miss Sherry Field-Almaraz recently helped me rent my condo at 635 w. 42nd Street the Atelier. I had one of the best experiences with her service more than any of the agents I ever worked with previously. In the cold January is not easy to find a tenant. Sherry as my agent is always encouraging and reassuring throughout the entire process, she took less than three weeks to find new tenants for my condo with paperwork, signed lease and approval. What impresses me the most is the screening effort she put in to make sure the tenants she introduced to me checks out properly. There were three other candidates but the one we went with was ideal fit for my needs. She did give me the options of a choice, in case I decided to take the risk against her advice. Her constant communication with me, her calmness, knowledgeable of the New York rental market, made her one of the most outstanding agent I ever worked with. I will recommend her service to anyone looking for an agent to have their property listed for rent or sell.

Edward Fong - 01/06/2015

Had to move and I couldn''t imagine a better experience than I had with George Z. He wasn''t pretentious, and he actually made me feel like I was his number one client. I told him what I wanted and he found the exact apartment that suited my needs. In my line of business I deal with a lot of real estate brokers and he is definitely on top of my list of best performers. On top of everything else, he found my new place where the apartment paid him so it didn''t even cost me a dime. Kudos George!

Goofy L. - 10/15/2014

I want to recommend Shalabh Sanger from Spire Group. With Shalabh as our agent, we recently purchased a condo and from the initial search until the close, he was absolutely professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy. During the entire process, he knew exactly what needed to be done and who needed to be contacted after each step was completed. Even though it was a long process, he checked in frequently to see if there were any updates and was proactive if there was anything that he could do to help us. Whenever I contacted him, he was extremely responsive and thoughtful when we discussed the issue at hand. He is a very trustworthy person in general and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an extraordinary real estate agent.

Jeanne L. - 10/15/2014

Dimitar Nikolov Licensed RE Salesperson | Licensed as Dimitar Nikolov 347-968-3335

Dimitar helped me find my perfect apartment! And it wasn't without effort... We literally walked all over Manhattan until my feet were blistered. He showed me something like 30 apartments, reiterating the motto the entire time, "I want you to find the best apartment for you". He was knowledgeable about all the different buildings and neighborhoods we looked at and after everyone asked me for my feedback and then used that to decide where to go next while he formed an idea of what exactly I was looking for (unlike some brokers that just take you to all their listings blindly). Eventually we ended up finding exactly what I was looking for. I'd highly recommend Dimitar for his patience, knowledge, and professionalism to anyone looking for an apartment in Manhattan.

David C. - 09/22/2014

I highly recommend Jared D. Paletti as a broker! I tried as an owner to rent/sell my apartment unsuccessfully. I was approached by tons of brokers trying to get my listing and would say anything I wanted to hear just to get it. Jared Paletti 's hard work and genuine interest in helping me, even before I gave him the listing, made me trust him even more. He was always accessible and would take clients personally. He invested a lot of his time and effort and was able to sell it in a very short period of time. It was super easy to work with him. Trust me, I met many many brokers and this is by far the best broker you would find, you won't regret it!

Nancy Morales - 04/10/2014

Looking for apartments in New York has always been a frustrating experience--until we met Ljubica. Prompt, knowledgeable, friendly and extremely helpful, she made the experience completely easy and exciting. From showing us great places that were in our price range, to always being prepared with keys and documents to even negotiating with our property manager to arrange move in dates and repairs, we wouldn''t recommend else for the task of finding a place to live. She is the best.

Heidi Richter - 02/17/2014

Dimitar Peev from Spire Group has been very nice and helpful, as a foreigner I didn't know anything about the rental process in NYC and he really guided me through it. Thanks to him I found a wonderful apartment, in my price range, exactly what I wanted. If I ever want to move out and find a new place, I'll definitely work with him again!

Blanche T. on 2/15/2012 - 12/17/2013

Responsive, fair and courteous.

Marius Tuft Mathisen - 10/15/2013

I find it appropriate to share with you my recent experience working with Ivo Galabov in my pursuit of an apartment in New York City. Ivo demonstrated a level of professionalism that I have not experienced working with a real estate brokers in the past. He was a pleasure to work with and carried informative, and most of all, honest advice. I have worked with over 20 different brokers while living in the city and I have not yet found someone like Ivo that I genuinely trust and enjoy speaking to. He was extremely responsive and made sure we did not waste our time while searching. Unfortunately, I was not able to provide Ivo clear times to visit apartments but he managed to make it work and without any problems along the way. Ivo’s honesty, professionalism, and genuine passion in helping people will not go unnoticed. I would recommend Ivo to other residents of NYC without hesitation.

Alex - 08/01/2013